Dublin Port River Fest June'16

Hello Cupcakes,
It has been a beautiful few weeks in Dublin. The summer is so calm and serene. After being huddled up in layers of clothes for 3-4 months, I finally find myself not looking for my winter wear! That in itself is such an amazing feat for me! I never thought I could do that in Ireland!

Every place is green and beautiful! I remember when all these trees were bare and now they are full of pretty flowers! The breeze is 'just-the-right-amount-of-cold'. The Sun is bright, shiny, even harsh sometimes! But I'm never the one to complain about that.

The Grand Canal Dock is picturesque with its clean port and beautifully blue water. It is the perfect spot to go jogging everyday. I wonder how I missed it all these days! I always knew that Grand Canal Dock was a cool place, but never really got to come here, before this festival.

I so wanted to do this! There were a bunch of kids who wore diving suits and were jumping into the water. It looked so appealing!  I'm definitely going to try this! It looks a bit scary, because the height of the jump is around 6 feet or so, but I'm sure the feeling is worth it.

Restaurant boats were docked for people to enjoy a drink or bite and get the feeling of being on a vessel. These were really cool to be on. Grab a drink, take a seat on the boat and just chill out in the Sun. Perfect way to do weekend.

The band performed Beatles tribute for the audience to enjoy. We were looking forward for the DJ competition but that wasn't until late for our disappointment. But the band did a great job entertaining everyone.

This trampoline thingy was the cutest attraction primarily because of the kids that were on it. Super cute!!They had a good bunch of rides for kids and many stalls as well, which were primarily aimed at attracting kids and thus families. We did feel a bit lost and out of place at times.

All the elements needed for a River Fest: Ships, Pirates, Rides, Games, Circus Artists, Music, Food, Drinks and the Sun. It was enjoyable and unique. It's always better to be at places like this when it is good weather rather than be stuck at home! I prefer this any day! 

The Squad!

Life is a game. What do you think about that? Some play it fair, some play it unfair. Some make it far, some make it half-way. We are all chasing that invisible finish line in our heads. Surprisingly, we never reach it. With every milestone achieved, the finish line seems to go one step ahead of us. "When do you think will you be happy?". We have different answers. But if we take a step back and think about it, isn't just living not enough a reason to make us smile and be happy? The chase for the finish line is never-ending. I'll be happy once I crack the entrance exam. I'll be happy when I complete my graduation. I'll be happy when I find a job. Doesn't it always elude us? Take a step back. For just a minute, stop thinking of life as a race, instead take it as a beautiful journey. Take time to appreciate every little joy you encounter while moving towards the finish line. If we do that, I feel we can all live without having any regrets. We won't have to look back from the finish line. We will be able to accept our past, present and future with a smile and a warm heart.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Don't forget to leave a comment.
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  1. Wow, you are enjoying quite well.
    And the photos are amazing. :)

    I love what you did with your blog. Looks cool and awesome at the same time. Is that why your blog was private for a few weeks?
    Anyhow, keep writing and share photos.

  2. Hey AK,
    Thanks a lot! :D Yeah that is the reason! I really wanted to revamp the blog and was never satisfied with the result :D But now I finally feel it's ok :P

    1. You are welcome. :)
      The blog looks really cool. :)
      Great job. :D