"Missing someone isn't about how long it has been since you've seen them or the amount of time since you've talked. It's about that very moment when you're doing something and wishing they were right there with you" - cahayawawa

Living alone in the fast paced life of Mumbai, if there is something that I have realized and started to acknowledge, it is the importance of Family and Home!

Life these days has become a series of realizations!

Like when we are young we don't realize the beauty of a home and a family to return to!It is only when we go out to make a life of our own in a strange city among strangers that the need strikes us hard!Two years into living alone and house hopping from one rented flat to another, one set of room mates to another, the urge for permanency has only increased manifold!

Likewise its funny to realize that you took for granted the days when you could run back to your Mom for a slight cut or bruise.I spent the crux of my life with my family, so when it was really time for me to live separately because of  my job, I never thought it would be so tough!

I had always considered my self to be a toughie!But when I actually faced the real world I realized that I was a huge softie! It was revelatory to find that the strength I thought of my own was actually the strength of parents, my family and  my friends who constantly supported me!

There were days when it was pretty hard for me to even bring myself to wake up to face the harsh reality of life!One such day was my birthday, it was last year that I spent my first birthday without my family or friends!It was a sad affair. I couldn't stop the tears flowing through my eyes no matter how hard I tried! Memories from the past made me nostalgic all day long!I wasn't alone;as a matter of fact I was partying, but my heart ached for the company of my loved ones! Cutting the cake, partying hard..none of it was the same without them near me!

But this year it was different!I got the best birthday gift! My mom and my best friend came to visit me on my birthday!I remember waking up feeling so blessed!It was just last week, 9th of April to be precise!It was a hot summer day, people who live in Mumbai could tell you that! We decided not to go out in the scorching heat! Honestly speaking,Essel World, Imagica and all other outdoorsy places lost their charm under the unbearable heat!So it was decided that we would have lunch at home and maybe go out in the evening!

I remember just sitting on the dining table during lunch, my Mom at one side and my bestie on the other passing food around the table. I felt ecstatic! That very moment, that very lunch was the most precious gift! I'm thankful to God for that moment!I remember holding back my tears, though unlike last year these were tears of joy!

Although now everyone is back to their daily lives, miles apart from each other! Everytime I look towards the dining table in my moments of solitude, I will remember the simple yet precious moments of love and togetherness we spent that day!

And with that I came across the biggest realization of my life!It is these fleeting moments of Togetherness that become your biggest source of strength! It's the warmth of these moments that light and guide your way no matter where you go!

Relish these moments while they last! Hold on to them and cherish them! The power of Being #together!

The trio after the lovely lunch; all set for a movie!
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Keep Smiling!!
Loads of Love
Ruhie Kumar

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