The Sunny Affair: Top Favorite Sunglasses!

Hola my cutie pies!
Hope you are doing great and enjoying the approaching summer! Ooh yes! It's only March and its hot as an oven here in Mumbai! Though I'm not the one to complain! Yet the harsh Sun does take its toll right from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening. I can't even imagine going out without my shades in this super hot weather! Maybe I don't wanna imagine ;) What can I say! I love my shades!!

So today I'm going to share my top favorite shades. Take some hint and buy them all ;) As they say, there is one for every occasion! Enjoy the list!

 Introduced in the 1956 by Ray-Ban, they were the revolutionary break that cut past through the metal eyeglasses of the past. I love the way they transform any look into something so much more laid back. You could wear it with your torn jeans and tee or with a classy white dress. The wayfarer effect will permeate through any outfit to make it look cool and laid-back.I like to wear it when I'm out with my friends just chilling!

Mirror Sunglasses

If you are planning to head out anywhere near the beach you need to have these babies! I have had two amazing beach trips and my mirror shades have never betrayed me. All you need is the Sun, the sand , the water and your mirror sunglasses and rest assured the camera will love you;no matter what you do!!

Round Sunglasses

Bohemian!!! Yes sir ;)
These are the latest addition to my shades collection! I can't thank myself enough for investing in these hotties! They are awesome-ness redefined!!!The best part is that the camera loves it!!Every picture I take with these babies is a dream come true, which reminds me I have so not been sharing more pics! I will! I Promise!!

Over-sized Oval Shades

I don't know about you all, but my Mom and all her sisters used to have these really awesome oval sunglasses! Pretty huge, and there is at least one pic of me and all my cousins with those biggies!! :D They looked so cute on us!Would totally hide our faces and yet make us look so chic ;) Those were the days!

Nothing's changed though!Except the size of our faces! :D Love these biggies for everyday use! They are amazing for  protecting the eyes from dust and pollution!

Last, but never the least, The Aviators!!They don't need any introduction!They shout out  "Classy" loud enough for the world to hear! Aptly glamorized by the handsome Army men, these shades can never ever go out of style, come which era it be!

That was my list of top favorite summer shades!Hope you enjoyed the list! 
So this Summer, just slather on your sunscreen and enjoy the Summer like it's nobody's business!!

And yes, don't forget your favorite pair of elite sunglasses!Eyes,eyes cool baby!!!

Loads of Love
Ruhie Kumar
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