The Best Things of Having a Big Brother!

Hola Cupcakes!
Hope you are doing great!

Today is a very special day. It is my Big Brother's Bday!! I'm so happy for him, though I miss him sooo much!!This post is dedicated to him. On this very special day I want him to know, even though I don't say too many a times, that I love him and how much of a support he has been to me all these years. I look upto him for so many of his amazing qualities. he is a gem of a person. On your special day bhai I wish you loads and loads of happiness, love, success and good health.

The Big Brother List

1. Your physical fights have made you more stronger! Choke Slam! You can even appear for the WWE

 Thanks for the practice bro ;)
2.  You are introduced to good music before anybody else, all thanks to him and his music collection.

3. He will be the first to step in on your behalf, if anybody tries to hurt you.

4. You always have someone to bug.

5. You are used to watching gory and action packed movies because of him!

They don't seem so bad after all.

6. You will want to copy their style and interest at some point. They will seem like the pinnacle of coolness.

I remember my first pair of specs was inspired by him and well, later the surgery to remove it as well :P

7. The look on his face when you tie him Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan and well, your look too when he gives you your gift!

It somehow turns out to be the most sweetest day!
8. They will do anything for you, you just need to ask nicely!

The very many home works you did for me bro

9. They Share 'coz they Care

 Those chocolates, those wafers everything!I will never forget all those sweet memories.

10. As the younger sibling, no matter how much trouble you're in, he will get you out of it.

Because your bond means more to him than anything in this world. Sometimes you never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

God Bless All The Lovely Big Brothers out there ^_^ Especially mine!!

Keep Smiling


  1. ohh girl!! that's soo sweet!! :) :)
    i wish if i had a brother!! :) :)

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