Top Fashion Must-Haves from The Latest Miss Selfridge Collection

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Hope you all are having a great Sunday. I'm having quite a lazy one,it's like one of those days where I want to sing my favorite singer's song "Today I don't feel like doing anything! I just wanna stay in my bed. Don't feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone!!" Yeah the lazy song by Bruno Mars. That is exactly how I feel today.

So I'm still in my bed, writing this blogpost. We all know that Jabong has collaborated with Miss Selfridge to bring their premium collection to India. It is definitely premium! Now I must say, I didn't really find much color, the collection is mostly monotone, yet classy. The few pieces I did spot in color were cool as well.Here are my top favorites from the Miss Selfridge Catalog. Enjoy.

1) Skater Skirt
The charm of a skater skirt can never grow old! It's so chic and can completely transform your look. So if you are planning to go very very girly, you should definitely go for the skater skirt! The perfect skater skirt is always hard to find,  red is a great color, but it often restricts the choice of the top you could wear it with, but white goes with almost every color.

 2 ) Ponte Jacket
I strongly believe that a ponte jacket is a professional women's favorite outfit piece. You know it is one of the must haves that completes, makes or breaks a look for me! A classy jacket can instantly rev up that dress, pant suit, skirt suit or even plain ordinary jeans and top. A perfectly fitting jacket is definitely a must have for every girl.

3) Little Black Dress
Now we all know the beauty and importance of the Little Black Dress!! I really loved this piece with its intricate work and detailing. Indeed a lovely example of how to dress to be the killer of the party.

4) Peplum Dress
I laid my eyes on this piece and I fell in love! Although my body type doesn't really accentuate peplum dresses, but still I can't help drooling all over them!!!It is sooo gorgeous!!!!!! It just shouts out classy at max volume.

5) Jumpsuit
Now when I saw this piece the first thought that came into my mind was, " Where the hell were you, when I was shopping for my summer vacation???" This jumpsuit so describes my style! Different and chic! Ahh the neon green makes me fall in love with it all over again! Love this one.

Style Inspirations
Given below are some style inspirations specially for my cupcakes. Keep it stylish, and don't forget to tell me if you plan to buy any of these lovely outfits.

Loads Of Love
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