Nature's Friends!

Wind, Oh Wind, where art thou?
Come down to me, come down at once

Teasing the little girl's hair
Or are you busy ruining that birds nest

The sunlight is here, the water has flown
Creating neat rows of flowers in the meadows
It's you they wait for & yearn

Wind, Oh Wind, where art thou?

All souls are waiting for you to set them free
Be it lovers in winter or the spring trees

I wait too, for you, Oh Wind
To carry me to places I've never been
To seek adventures & find my missing will

Wind, Oh Wind, where art thou?

I remember very clearly the beautiful summer morning, when I was around 11. A little girl in summer frocks, hair tied with cute clips to go. We used to live in an apartment with a nice little balcony. My mom had with all her love set up a beautiful garden. I loved to sit there when I had noone to play with. I would bring all my toys and sit in the shade of my balcony, with hot breeze cooled by the plants and a faint fragrance of roses blooming in the summer.That day,waiting by my balcony, I was looking for someone to show up. I yearned for company. And I found one. The company of the one who taught me to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

'Oyi Ruhie', called my friend who showed just in time to rescue me from my solitude. 
'Heyyy Anu', I replied back in excitement. 
'Why don't you come downstairs? My elder sister Anamika is here from hostel. We are going to the garden. You could come with us', she said.
 'Sure, let me ask my mom.', I chimed with joy.

Taking permission from my mom and promising her to be back soon and not wandering much in the sun, I joined Anu and Anamika di to the garden.

Our colony had a garden, though it was never much maintained, which was in a way a good thing. With nothing to control, Mother Nature would surprise us with beautiful flowers and strange looking leaves. The garden was not a big one, but in the closed setting had huge trees, flowers, a few stone benches and little pathways to walk on. The path way was the star attraction as it gave an adventurous look to the garden making it look more like a jungle with a trail.

Back those times, that was our idea of an adventure. Going to the garden, staying away from the thick  strip  of bamboo trees, as warned by our mothers. Listening to stories, bringing our dolls over and playing all kinds of girlish games one could think of!

Talking of stories, that is where Anamika di would come into picture. She was my friend Anu's elder sister and though she lived in her school hostel in Dehradun and we would rarely get to see her. Summer vacations were ours for the taking. She was an excellent story teller, and would tell us so many of them. I really liked her. She was someone who would bring innovation in our otherwise boring routine with new games she learnt at her hostel. We also loved her, because she was highly skilled in making pots and spoons and bowls out of leaves. It was an extraordinary feat for us little girls, and she was highly respected for the same.

We used to make household stuff from leaves like spoons and bowls and would make flowers as our food and bigger leaves as our plates and play so many fun games. 

Watching ants and other insects live in harmony, she was the one who taught us how not be afraid of insects. We would watch the ants making way with their food to their colony and it was always very fascinating to watch them follow the one line rule. With her help, we made a little wooden place for putting feed and water for birds. It was really exciting to watch birds come by and eat from their!

Chasing after butterflies, spotting different kind of birds were part of our regular schedule. She taught us how trees could feel! How their age could be determined from the rings inside them. But the best thing she taught was to talk to them. Might sound funny, but even today when I feel like this life isn't making sense or the people in this world are getting crazier than what I can handle. I turn to Mother Nature to seek answers. 

Anamika di taught us how to be friends with Nature. She was an excellent one herself! She would make sure that every summer vacation each one of us would plant something. It was an exciting routine as we knew that each year the count would increase. We had a patch of plot in our colony which was unused. Every summer we would plant something there and let Mother Nature take its course in bringing it up. Often when it was too hot, we would water our plants to make sure they didn't die. It was a connection made, every year. Counting the plants and merrily chirping about the new flowers  that had grown on them were the ultimate joy of our days.

Weaving flower garlands and crowns, was a bliss that engraved itself deep in our souls. The beauty of Nature wrote itself in our lives for an eternity. Even today when I see Mother Nature at work, my heart wells with joy. It fills me up and brings a smile across my face. :) I truely believe that happy childhoods are best nurtured by lovely friendships and such innocence.

I will always be grateful to Anamika Di for the little joys she brought in my life. I would always be grateful to her for teaching me how to really appreciate the beauty of Nature, which plays by in our lives, often going unnoticed by most of us.

The joy of touching a gentle petal budding from its flower, filling my lungs with the fragrance of a fresh bloom, watching birds build nests out of nothing for their little ones, watching the ants in work with such unity, planting trees and watching them grow, listening to the grasshopper sing in the rainy days,making a pond for a little frog that sits by the flower pot shade, feeding the birds, hugging trees, walking on grass covered with morning dew, fooling around with the touch-me-nots and so much more.

Anamika Di taught me how much nature loves us; and indeed it does!If only we could learn to love it back

Because like Kahlil Gibran once said:


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