Love Subversion

Hola Lovelies,
Create this fun, old-school look for a lazy outing with your buddies. 

1. Forgot your boyfriend shirt somewhere in your closet, it's time to bring it out!! ;)
2. Pick your favorite yellow tee, to add just the right amount of fun in the ensemble.
3. I don't know about you, but I'm crazy about gorgeous arm parties ;)
4. A sling bag to carry your world.
5. Love how versatile black boots can be! They add the perfect edginess in this ensemble.
6. The best part of the whole ensemble for me! Checkered skirt!!! 

These look really gorgeous and guarantee a fun and cool ensemble no matter paired with what! It could be your favorite white shirt, a simple tank top, they make and break the whole look for me!!

Love Subversion

Loads Of Love


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