How You Doin' ???

Hola Lovelies!!!

Hide & Seek, anyone? ;)
It's been so long!! One would wonder The Sweet Life is dead! Well, it's not!! :P We have been active on the facebook, some really cute and inspiring updates :) Do follow, if you don't believe me !! ;) Right here. Ok so I have been a little busy with a Devil Wears Prada Boss * though mine doesn't* !! A very hectic job and some busy city life :P Not much really , you see!! ;)

But like every amazing love story, love unites at the end! I'm united again to my love, Blogging!!! I just can't stay away from it.But from all the ups and downs I have been through, if there is one thing that I have learnt, it's that you have got to have Faith!!!

Keep Believing and Hold On!!And if you still feel low, just watch a couple of romantic comedies back to back! ;) If that doesn't work, tune into TSL@FB. hehe...OK..Enough of the welcome again speech. Just remember to keep the faith and cling super tight to people and things you love! Just like I love TSL and all my readers.. ^_^

Loads Of Love


  1. Finally back I suppose!

    Good to see you writing. Hope, we will be honored with more interesting posts. :)

    Welcome Back. :D

    1. Haha...Thnx Blue Phoenix!!! :D
      Hope you are doing great!! ^_^

    2. You are welcome.

      (hope you remember me)

      Yeah, I am. Thanks. :)

    3. Because I'm not the kind, people usually remember for long. :P

    4. hehehe...Yes I remember you clearly Mr. Modest ;) :P

  2. itz really nice to see you back dear!!! and yaa to know that there is a fb exists!!! :) keep blogging! keep smiling!!