Get The Look: Chennai Express!

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 The first scene where Deepika Padukone comes to screen running on the railway platform reminds you of Pamela Anderson running on the beach *uncanny similarity*. You'd wonder how can a girl donning such a conservative look remind of Pamela Anderson. One Wonders!!! But then again, its Deepika Padukone you are talking about!About the movie: " Funny, Typical Rohit Shetty Flick " *Yes, I'm being Diplomatic* :P

Deepika's looks are very different, serene and beautiful. I would love to recreate them for Onam celebrations. They would look so wonderful. So basically if you are planning to look anything like a South Indian. Or maybe going for a South Indian friends marriage or Onam celebration or if you are a South Indian yourself *like me* you can always take inspirations from Deepika's ensembles from Chennai Express. Blah you can wear them for any goddamn reason!!!Moving ahead.
Meenamma's Looks are characterized by: 
1) Lovely Contrasts. 
2) Huge Borders. 
3) Simple Makeup. 
4) Gorgeous Accessories, * Jhumas, Nose Studs, Bangles and Bindi*

Check Them Out!!

That is your classic Silk Saree and you can never ever go wrong with it. Remember that Sonam Kapoor Movie "Ayesha" The last song where she is wearing this saree. The whole movie be damned. I watched that flick for Abhay Deoal and that Saree!!!

Throughout the movie, you will see how huge zari borders have cast their magic and transformed simple looking dresses to pure amazingness. Red + Golden!! We know!!! Classic Combination!!!  

I loved the accessories. Be it those lovely nose studs, Gorgeous jhumkas or matching bangles. Everything just went so well!!! 

Golden Zari Border magic Again!!!

Look at that skirt!!!!
Could their be a deadlier Yellow than the one she is wearing??? Totally love it!!!This look in particular brings me to the most important part "Story of the Half Saree".

Half Saree-Archana Kochhar's Creation from Lakme Fashion Week.

Well, half sarees are quite easy a wear and a perfect bridge to girls not yet ready to make the leap to full fledged Saree. Tuck one end of the dupatta into the skirt and drape the other in your usual seedha palla. They are the smaller version of saree and make you look taller. I personally have known of half sarees for the entire of my life. And believe me I never knew they could look this gorgeous! So congrats to Deepika, she gave the half sarees a re-birth!! teehee

Let's finish off with a check list.To Get "The Chennai Express Deepika Padukone Look", you would need:

1) White Silk Saree (or)
2) Gorgeous Half Sarees *think on the lines of neon and huge Zari borders*
3) Jhumki's *Go Crazy*
4) Bangles *Depending on the ensemble*
5) Nose Stud *Optional*
6) Light Foundation *to give your skin a base*
7) Kajal & Eyeliner * Oh yes, eyes are so important*
8) Gorgeous lippie in mauve or pink

Phew, so that was pretty much it!Hope you enjoyed the post.

Loads of Love from Ruhie
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  1. Great tips Ruhie. I love Deepika's look in this movie very much because of its subtlety :)

  2. Hello sweety! Since i was away from blogging couldn't reply you soon! Thanks for stopping by and I heartly appreciate it! This is such an amazing post! I did watch the movie.. Funny one though (: Let me know if we are following yet or not! Stop by me soon! xx

    With love ❤.