Blogger Meet Up - Meiji Amino Collagen Product Launch

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Hope you all are doing well.I'm so sorry for the delay in posting. New job taking its toll :P
So finally it happened! Mumbai's first blogger meet for me! Meiji's Product Launch ~ Amino Collagen.
What is Amino Collagen?
Amino Collagen is a natural and orally consumable collagen providing product.

Why Amino Collagen?

Collagen is a freely occuring protein in the body. It is responsible for keeping the skin supple and maintaining the elasticity of the skin. But after 20 years of age, the production of collagen declines, causing us to lose our youthful look.

Protein rich foods like meat and fish contain collagen but considering the usual Indian diet they are just not enough.Your body needs 5000 mg of collagen to supplement the loss. This is where Amino Collagen comes into picture!

Besides collagen there are three other ingredients that are present in the product in order to increase its effectivity:
1) Arginine: a type of amino acid for maintaining healthy skin.
2) Vitamin C: supports the collagen
3)Glucosamine: helps maintain skin's moisture
It is tasteless and odourless. It can mixed with any of your food and beverages. 7gms everyday to a healthy glowing skin.

The Event
 The event was really nice. It started off with a presentation describing about the product and how it helps. It was followed by  personal experience shared by Dr. Tanvi Pathare, who is a physiotherapist. Quite positive and encouraging!She is really sweet and friendly :)

Then came the turn of leading cosmetologist Ms.Vinu Kriplani. She often makes appearances in " Band Baja Bride", one of my favorite shows!She enlightened us with her views and her experience of the product. Must say a very enigmatic and charming lady :)

Well, then it was celebrity time :P Yeah most of you must have recognized her. She is the leading lady of the very famous serial "Navya" ~ Ms. Soumya. She is a very sweet soul. She told us all about her skin problems, how she has been fighting them and how the product helped her. She is so gorgeous!! :)

My views on Amino Collagen
The moment they said collagen, I was all ears :D Seriously, I'm sure if you belong to the beauty world you must have heard or must be knowing of the amazing things collagen can do for your skin. Yet even after being a non vegetarian, its not possible to consume fish or meat on a regular basis. I'm so happy such a  product is finally launching in Indian market. After all, we all know no matter how many cosmetics we stack up, beauty always comes from within. I'm very excited to use this product. And I really hope they do great in the Indian market just like they did wonders in the markets of Japan, Thailand and 7 other countries! *pardon me for my memory* :P

And yeah as I write this post, my roommate is busy trying to find the ways and means to get her hands on this product. By the way, if you are keen on trying this product, you can buy this online on their website. They are currently available in limited stores like Godrej Nature's Basket.
You can also visit amino collagen's twitter and facebook page and find out more. :)

Hope you guys enjoyed the post. 
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  2. I too have experienced this product. it shows result in 10-12 days. amazingly amazing product.. and its a Japanese product so has to be..