Times Of India Feature

Hola Lovelies!!!!!

Ok I'm seriously excited!!!! I got featured in Times of India :D Of course when I started out blogging, I always dreamt of this day. Never thought it would happen out of nowhere!!Awesomeness!!!!I'm really happy :D * smiling cheek to cheek* :D Here is the excerpt:

I'd like to thank all my blog readers for all the love, co-operation and lovely comments! I'd like to thank my parents for their constant support! I'd like to thank Rageshri for finding me ! I'd like to thank my roommate for letting me abuse her laptop and net connection for all blog-related work. Pretty much it :P My Thank You Speech!!! :D One should never leave the opportunity, especially when it gives you such a lovely strike :D
Hope to give better and better posts forever and ever!! :D

Loads of Love