Liebster Blogger Award

Hola Lovelies!!!

How ya'all doing? I have been missing my blog and all my fellow bloggers so much! I know I'm missing up on so many fun and exciting blog posts. Thanks to my super slow net connection! :P

But today is a good day!! I have a faster net connection and I'm definitely gonna make it count. These posts were pending from a very long time! I'm very happy to share with you all  that I got THREE awards in the past two months. Two blogger awards from my fellow blogger 'Ajay' and one award for my fashion post Top 5 Perfect Festive Looks for Shopper's Stop.  I love all of them and I'm so thankful for all the three of them!! :)

So Drum Rolls!! Here is my 1st award!



Liebster Award by Ajay from imagination19. He is a superb blogger, has an amazing way with words and is a great photographer. You should definitely check out his blog! :) Just Click Here.

Now for the rules:

1. Thank the blogger who awarded you.

2. Post 11 interesting things about yourself

3. Answer the 11 questions questioned by the nominator

4. Choose 11 bloggers, create questionnaire for them (of 11), and let them know via comments

Thanks Ajay!!! (* really huge smile on my face* ) and this thanks is not only for the two awards but also for being such an amazing person. It's always fun to talk to you and read your blog. :)
P.S.: You are way too modest!! Believe Me!!! ;) :P

So 11 Interesting things about me!!!

1) I'm a die hard romantic!! I write mushy love poems and articleS even though I'm single!! (Proves, aye ;) )

2) When I have a crush on someone I stop talking to them :P Damn shy!! Then I have to uncrush them to behave normal around them :P

3) I love my silence a lot!! Doesn't mean I don't enjoy indulging in a good conversation, but I prefer silence to senseless chatter always!!Btw senseless chatter doesn't include my talented PJ sessions!! :P

4) I love chocolate !!! Affogato, choc-o-block, chocolate sizzler from chocolate room, hot chocolate fantasy from CCD etc etc.

5) I love blood red color more than any other color!!! :P

6) I love giving presentations, hosting shows, being on the stage for singing, dancing, anchoring, theatre whatever!!! I just love the stage!!! :)

7) I love PJ  ( phata joke aka bad joke)  sessions with my friends. Laughing at the silliest of things makes me most happy! (Yay for silliness!!) :D

8)  I love watching Friends, Supernatural and all kinds of English serials!!

9) I love baraati dance :P

10) "Pehli bar mohabbat ki he, akhri baar mohabbat ki he" from movie Kamine is one of my all time favourite songs!!! :)

11) I'm a true blue Otaku B) :) (read anime lover)

Questionnaire Presented By Ajay

1. Look at the lower right corner of the screen and mention the Time, plz.

1) It's 11:06 pm :P

2. How did you end up with your Blog Name?  I meant *start up with....

2) I'm a sweet girl and it had to be sweet. I love chocolate (read above) and I believe in happiness from the bottom of my heart so The Sweet Life :)   (yeah ok it was a spontaneous decision! ) :P

3. Open your mobile phone and go to message box! If more inbox messages write famous , if more sent  box messages write even more famous

 3) 'Even More Famous'. :P

4. What is the one word that is stuck in your mind most of the time? Like a word from a song or slang or movie or a novel or whatever?

4) wtf ??? :P I hope that counts!!!

5. Your favourite Fiction Character?

5) Many from the Anime world!!! Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail is my favourite!!!

6. The craziest thing you might have ever done.

6) A lot of things!!! I'm a crazy fun girl :D with even crazy friends!! Perfect recipe for disaster and adventures!! :)

7. Between Truth and Dare , which choice would you go with ? 

7) Dare ;)

8. One word for Ajay's blog.

8) Awesome!!

9. What makes you write? 

9) My Soul!!! If I don't write I think I'd just burst into flames or something really horrible!! I have to, its like Nirvana :P

10. Favourite line/proverb/quote.

10) "If I kiss you, it will be the end of life as I know it" from the movie P.S I LOVE YOU!! You have got to love that movie!!

11. If ever there is a chance to meet the author behind this blog, would you meet ?

11) Yes Ofc :D
Pass the award to fellow bloggers!!!
I would like to pass this award to :
1) Why blogging?
2) Latest sweet dream?
3) Latest nightmare?
4) How would you propose the person you love?
5) Which is your favourite restaurant?
6) What are your hobbies?
7) If you were granted 3 wishes from an angel, what would ask for?
8) Your favourite colour?
9) Do you believe in afterlife?
10) Which is your favourite cartoon character?
11) One word for my blog?
Hope you enjoy the questionnaire!
Loads of Love


  1. Replies
    1. You deserve it sweets :) <3
      Loads of Love!!!

  2. Congratulations on the much deserved award.:)

    Hmm, Look who's being too generous. And yeah, it is always fun to talk to you and ofcourse reading your blog as well.

    @11 Interesting things about you :
    1) I wouldn't think otherwise. And you are still single, still being such a die hard romantic, as you say? Can't believe it. :P
    2) Hmm...
    3) You too? I mean the first part. :D
    6) I am exactly the opposite.

    @11 answers :
    4) Yeah, I guess it counts.
    7) Wow, great.
    8) Thanks for being so generous. :P
    9) OMG! Burst into flames? I see. No comment there.
    11)Thanks. I know you said it for my satisfaction. :P

    Well, Take Care and Keep Writing (now no one wants to see you bursting into flames, and especially me. :P ) :D

    1. Thanks Ajay :) You are awesome!!

    2. Come on. You know I ain't even near Awesome. :/

  3. Thank you Dear.. and congrats..:) :)
    Glad to know more about you.. :)

    1. Thanks Niesha.. <3
      You definitely deserve it!! :)