Heart Speaks!

Hola Lovelies!

So just the other day, I was forced to rethink, to revise my life, my ideals!! I couldn't deny any of it, but looking back, No!!! I don't want to change anything! Not that I'm not open to good changes, but somehow all the bad experiences have shaped me in a more positive way than even the good experiences. Please read I'm not trying to invite more troubles into my life! I've seen all kinds of ups and downs at a very young age! And what have I learnt?

Smile and Be Sexy Babes!!I confess I might be emotionally damaged! But who isn't? Every person out there has seen tears, has seen good and some really bad! No one is alone in this. So stop crying and stand up with your head high and smile on your face.

Listen to some music, shake that stress out, read a book, refresh your system. Reboot and fall in love with life all over again!

Just the other day I was bogged down with all the stress, but at that very instant, I remembered an amazing guy I recently met ,who smiles like an angel and, damn life hasn't been easy for him either! I can't even THINK of a world that doesn't have his smile or laughter! His smile made my world a little better. I've heard my presentations have the same effect on some people :P (*Some People*) :P

The bottom line is that you are here to give your piece to the jigsaw puzzle, to better the world in someway. To better someone else's life in someway. Seriously " It's not what you can have, but what you can give to the world that defines you!". So give it, be the best! Be yourself and be best at it! Don't care about people. They come and go!
Always remember , there is someone who is your fan. They might confess it, they might hide/suppress it! Yet know that there is a person who likes you for exactly who you are! And as long as you can have at least one fan, you should be proud of yourself because that proves you are contributing in making someone's life better. That makes you special, Very Special.

 You will identify them at some point or other. If you haven't identified them yet, remember I'm your fan ( you read my blog!! You definitely make my life better). You are special to me. Please take care of yourself & If there is anyway this little blogger could help you, just drop me a mail. I'd help in every way possible and If I can't find the answers I will ask someone. I will be there for you! Just remember if a stranger could feel your worth, why can't you? Help yourself, Help others!

Keep Smiling
Loads of Love


  1. Thanks so much for your award we would do it when we have a minute free!

    Visit our blog there is a new post waiting for you, you have to check it, I am sure that you would like it, we show ours photos of one of the most beautiful cities, Venecia!!
    Thousands of kisses!


    1. You deserve it hun :) N yup your post and pictures are amazing!!!

  2. Wow. Beautifully written. :)

    And so you must know, I'm definitely your Fan.

    Keep Smiling. Take Care and yeah, keep writing. :)

    - Your Fan.

    1. Thanks so much Ajay!!Means a lot to me!! :)

  3. Awww ! Thank you so so much <3
    Right back at ya !
    xoxo <3


  4. We all tend to get emotionally challenged. But it all about overcoming the distressing emotions and shaping your self in a positive way. It make you a better person and more sensible.


    1. B'ful words <3 Totally agree with you dear :)

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