How to Shop in A Sale??

Hola Lovelies!!
Ok so its officially the Sale Season!!! I get messages almost everyday from all leading brands Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Max, Westside etc etc that they have this on sale, that on sale !!Upto 50%, upto 60% and what not!!And guess what I have a few friends abroad, even they told me how it was the sale season there!! So I have to confess I went all out this sale season and " Shop till you Drop" was the only motto working on my mind. I got the best shoes, dresses, make up, more dresses, more make up and finally when the week ended I knew, I had so much to share!!!So here is a list of to do's when you plan to go shopping in a sale!! 

                                                              1) Know thy sales!!!
Visit your nearest malls, ask your friends who shop a lot or simply be the premium member to your favorite brand, They will send you the messages!! I choose the first and third option mostly!! So once I knew that almost all my favorite brands were on sale I hit the mall!! Now the thing to notice is that some brands offer something on sale, while others offer other things!!I bought most of my make up from West Side which had great offers, while I bought most of my clothes from Pantaloons as they had better and cuter options even on sale!! So don't splurge as soon as you enter, if you are in a mall, just go through your favorite shops to find the best of deals everywhere!!Once you know what to buy from where, the rest of the process is quite easy and satisfying! :)

2) Know Thy Size!!
Everyone knows that sales are the worst time to look for sized items!! When I like a shirt its hard to find a S or XS which usually fits me right.On the other hand S from one brand might not be the same  as S from another brand!! So you have to try!Pick the closest size , try it on and only then finalize!If its not your size or doesn't fit perfectly , Don't take it,unless you are a 12 year old who will later fit into it :P Don't buy anything smaller or larger, buy only the perfect fit, or it will just be a waste!!

3) Know thy Need!

Ok I know its hard!! But really don't buy stuff unless you really need it!! Avoid Hoarding Stuff.I won't tug much on this one, because I rarely do follow it!! I guess we all know the games our mind plays when we ask the eternal question, "Do You Need This?" :P 

4) Take it before its gone!!
You saw that very cute bag!! or that very cute dress in your size, but are not very sure if you can afford it?? Take my advice, keep a shopping bag and put it in!! People are in a shopping frenzy when they come to the sale!! You might not see it the next time you visit that shelf!And believe me nothing can mess you more than the fact that your dream bag/dress has been bought by someone else by second's difference!! :O

5) Avoid being Fooled!!
There are two things which shop keepers do in order to mint more money and these two tricks are used by almost all leading brands.

-> Sale items near non sale items!: You are picking up all the sale items, because you don't wanna run out of budget, and very happily you pick every single piece and when its time to bill, they give you a much bigger bill than what you expected! And the explanation is that you picked some of the non sale items! That is the trick my friend! Very few people change their minds at the billing counter!And most of the time they end up buying the non sale items too, even though they wouldn't have thought of buying them if they weren't on sale.

-> 399 is 400 My Friend!! Ok this is I don't know, maybe the oldest trick  of brands!! You are bound to buy something priced 1999 rather than 2000 :P Don't be fooled mon cher ;)

Hope you enjoyed the post!
Happy Shopping!
Loads of Love


  1. Thats a lot of food for thought for shopping and a lot of true facts, indeed.
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