Top 5 Perfect Festive Looks

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Diwali is such a time for celebrations and looking good is compulsory. Choosing the right elements can be tricky,but a satisfying job :) I had a great time creating some really amazing looks for Shopper's Stop Create the Perfect Look Contest on Indiblogger. Here are my entries!!!!

Day 1 Look
The First day of Diwali, called as the Dhan Teras marks the beginning of the Diwali Celebrations.The word "Dhan" means Wealth. New Dhan in the form of Precious metals like gold is bought as a sign of goodluck. In the first look, the emphasis is on auspicious colors like Red and Gold and Golden Accessories to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into our lives :)

Day 2 Look
The second day, or the Narak Chaturdashi, is celebrated as the "Choti Diwali".Now this is a very fun filled and busy day, as there is so much to be done, from decorating our houses with beautiful and colorful rangolis , printing tiny Lakshmi footprints across the home, made of rice paste, to preparing delicacies  this day is quite eventful and marks the Diwali eve.So we need something elegant yet easy to wear dress, not very fussy, but something that brings out the charm of an Indian Woman.This look is perfect for the same.


Day 3 Look:
This is considered as the main day of Diwali wherein Lakshmi Pooja takes place in Indian Households.Houses are iluminated with Diyas and Series Lights. And everyone glows!!It is the day where its mandatory to be dressed your best ;) as its this the day when Goddess Lakshmi actually visits all houses. It's also a time to meet your loved ones, set up some Diwali Parties and enjoy all the delicacies and amazing Diwali Fireworks :) 


Day 4 Look
Gudi Padwa is celebrated as New Year's Day by Maharashtrians.It is also known as Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.This day marks the love and devotion of husband and wife. Isn't that so sweet!!This is such an elegant look for the same. A Black and Brown Combination, perfect for all Indian Beauties, this is one combination to Rock ;)

Day 5 Look: 
The fifth day is called as the Bhai duuj or Bhai Teeka day. It is a day dedicated to sisters and marks the love between brothers and sisters.Sisters pray for the well being of their brothers and brothers in return give gifts as their token of love.This day marks the end of the five day Diwali Celebrations.A perfect and charming look to enjoy the day with your lovely brothers and mark the end of Diwali, but the beginning of a New,Prosperous and Stylish New Year with Shopper's Stop :)


You can get all these dresses and accessories at shoppers stop official website :) I've provided the links to all the stuff I've used to create the various day looks.I had loads of fun in creating these five amazing looks with the amazingly stylish products from Shopper's Stop.Hoping to win the grand prize :) *Fingers Crossed* ;)
Hope you enjoyed my Entry!!
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