Photography Post: Vesper Tour

Hola Lovelies!!! 
How ya'all doing Sugapies?? 
Ok so here I am with a photography post.These are pictures from when I was travelling with my folks, our ritualistic weekend outings :) *Love em*

Place: Sair Sapata, Bhopal
Sair Sapata is a beautiful tourist place developed on the banks of the Upper Lake by MP Tourism. We got a chance to visit the place only a few days ago, but it was definitely worth it. The weather was amazing and the evening sun made the place absolutely gorgeous as you will see in the pictures!! 

The breeze flew mellow and the sun was a pale yellow :)

Evening sunset was such a delight to watch from the bridge!!

The other side of the bridge painted a b'ful blue :)

That's the motor boat that ferries you till the second bridge in the picture :)

The Shadows, the clouds, the trees, everything was just perfect :)

The railings you see in this picture are from the stairs *totally submerged* Water level on a b'ful high :)

The Majestic Bridge. We named it " London Bridge OF Bhopal" :P :D

Crimson Sky enveloping us all :)

Omg!!I love myself for this shot!!  Such a romantic shot!!  

As the sky lights started to dim, the bridge lights lit up making it ohh so much more b'ful :)

Eeeep.This is from when we were waiting for our turn for the motor boat ride, the boat had just left and set the water to motion and the lights traveled all over it.

Thta is Sair Sapata written in Hindi, with Madhya Pradesh Tourism written below it. :)

This is how the Bridge looks at night!!Isn't it so amazing! :)

A B'ful Vesper Tour :)

There are many facilities like a restaurant, a beautiful and huge bridge which I is the main *star* attraction of this place!!*I mean seriously, it's Beautiful!!*. There is a little beach park ( though it was completely submerged, as the water level was up because of the heavy rains this year) :P Ok other than that there is a musical fountain( I really wanted to change the music, though ;) ) :P There is a cute toy train and you can go for boating. We went for a ride in the motor boat, which was awesome!!! ^_^

And there are like so many options for food,if you are a foodie, you will find almost everything here.A lot of variety in the food section.And you can even organize parties over there!I'm not trying to give a advertisement but seriously I never knew this place was this great!! :D Anyways now I know! You should too, if you live in Bhopal or maybe near or if you get to ever visit Bhopal,
you should definitely visit this place!! :)

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures ^_^
 Tell me which one you like the most!!!

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