Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss Review

Name of the Product
Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss

Why I bought It?
It was Diwali shopping time and I was looking for a lip gloss,though the SA showed me an array of lipglosses,these little beauties were hidden in the shelf behind the counter :P and yes of course I dived in to buy these,rejecting all others (the rebel in me :P)

My Experience
The first thing that comes across in your mind when you see these lovelies is the fact that they are so cute!!And then you apply them, and end up wanting to eat them :D I bought the Mad about Melon flavor, and I was so unaware that these actually had the fragrance and taste of Melons!!! :D :D *superhappy* You know how they are at the malls, giving just a little swatch and the other SA stands next to you with a cotton swab to rub it off!! :P Anyways, so the one I bought is sheer and is mostly about shine as you can see in the name itself,"HIGH SHINE SHEER COLOR". Exactly what it is!!And I wanted just that to top over my matte lippies, for Diwali, for that extra shine in pictures ;)

Rs 165 for 10ml.

The packaging is simple, no brush or anything , just a simple sturdy tube, which is very travel friendly.So you can carry it anywhere, it is also small in size , so you can put one in your pocket and go about.

*It's not sticky, it has a thick consistency but not exactly sticky which is a good thing.
* Available in 10 gorgeous shades and tasty flavors ;) :D
* Gives a very cute sheer color, with really good glossy shine.
*Easily Available.
*Travel Friendly casing.
*You don't need a lip balm when applying them, they do that job for you :)

* Compared to the quantity offered  I found it expensive( Ok you are reading a student's blog, can't help it if you find this line often :P)
* Being sheer glosses, they might not fancy pigmented lipped beauties, in that case you can always use it after applying your lippie.
*Overall a good lipgloss, but nothing phenomenal.

 Start with the center of your lip and glide gently towards the outer edges.Follow the same technique on the upper lip.

Hope you enjoyed the review.
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