Biotique Bio Coconut Whitening and Brightening Cream Review

Name of the Product
Biotique Bio Coconut Whitening and Brightening Cream

Why I bought It?
I never bought it at the first place, it was my mom. But one fine day, when my lotus moisturizer ended without a warning,I tried it and totally hated it!!I was disgusted  by its fragrance and decided to never ever try it. But things changed when I saw its effect on my skin.I was more than surprised, Lotus didn't feel so good on my skin, neither did Olay Moisturizer. Was I surprised?? Yes!! So I was very curious to see if it was a one time thing or was this moisturizer really working for me. Well I'm on my third bucket :P so learn more about it. ;)

My Experience

Already mentioned above. :D The texture is quite thick, and might feel a bit greasy , but the key is not to apply too much.At the end of the day, even oily skinned beauties need moisturising. But the best thing about it is that it doesn't break you out. :) The best thing!!! 


Rs 199/- for 50gm

The very usual Biotique packaging, tub style. Totally Travel Friendly.

* Visibly Fairer Skin, but I think its temporary. :P
* Very Moisturizing, needn't reapply till my next wash.
* Does not break me out "Biggest Pro", all the others I tried did.
* Great for summers and the winters.

* I hate its fragrance, I already told you about that, but really you get used to it.

Final Word
I've seen many of my friends run away from this one because of the greasiness, maybe its my skin type, but I think its perfect for me. :) Cost wise and quality wise!!! So if you are an oily skinned beauty you should definitely try this one. I have received so many compliments after I started using this product for the dewy and healthy glow it gave to my skin. Totally happy with the product.

Hope you enjoyed the review.
Loads of Love


  1. hey ruhi..u hav a grt blog..all the very best

  2. It didn't break you out? That is fantastic! :D

  3. Good review :) BTW, I'm a new follower, it would be gret if you visit my blog <33


  4. Great Review!!will definitely get it when I visit India next..I am also on look out for products that don't break me out:)
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