Anime Love: Uraboku

Hola Lovelies!!Ok so enough  of the sad period for me, I really wanted get out of this strange and lonely feeling that I was experiencing these days!! Nothing was helping much..Then I turned towards something I had long forgotten!!My Anime Love!! :)
So I searched for a new anime series to start and lo behold an amazing series "Uraboku"
You can read about it here .

"Only I know your pain
Your uncertainty...
Your loneliness...
If only we could be together forever,
I'll say it as many time as you wish.
I will not betray you"

It is a very good series with lots of action, magic , great concept, and some funny moments too.

I love it when an anime series is both funny and emotional and strong with action and fight scenes. Uraboku is one such example of perfect balance. There are many stories going on,  hidden stories revealed one by one but the pace is good , not boring.I would definitely place it among my top favorites which are Fairy Tail, Bokura ga ita, naruto and others...

It has a great story of friendship and love and I hope it could fill in the void that has been filing my life :(
It feels very strange sometimes, like very lonely and uninspired!!I can't explain why it is happening so,but I'm trying my best to cope with it.

Hope I get well soon :P
Anyways if you are an anime lover like me, don't forget to catch on with this series.It's definitely promising :)
Loads of Love


  1. I don't watch Anime much but my friends are so hook with it esp the Naruto. You know that?

    1. Yup sweety..Naruto is like the awesum-est series :)

  2. Thanks for the comment and visit!
    This week had many tasks to be done, my time was short because of the course. But now I'm here. Your blog is always so wonderful, I love the post!!