Video Update: Some Blabber and a Song

It's one of those days. A day after a huge uproar.Like a tornado spinning your life one day and the calm of destruction the other day.Yeah I'm mostly blabbering. Hell it feels like I've had a few shots of vodka before starting, but ofc I don't drink except ice tea, organic tea, water, gatorade, orange Glucon D :P and water and ofc milk with horlicks :D :D yeah I'm so damaging my image right now :D :D but there is also my fav song at the end.Of course you'd have to wait for the good part or you can also skip to it :P Do that!!!!! :D

Loads of Love


  1. So, twas a bad day, huh ?

    Seriously, You sing well and you got that sweet voice. You should do that more often.
    Well, if you do, You have to upload some videos. Else, how will the world know? :P

    And, I came to know a few things. :P

  2. Thanku so much :) n damn I really talk too much in this video :D lol
    nyways now u know :P :D

    1. Thats' why I have trouble believing you being shy!

      Yeah, but I was taking about other things.! :P

    2. I was talking to myself!! I do tha a lot, regardless of my shy nature

      Infact I speak to myself the most :P I'm sure you do too :D

    3. How did you know ?
      Yeah, I do talk to myself.

      Like they say, "Sometimes we need Expert advice".

      Of course, You do a lot of things besides your so-called-Shy-Nature . And still having trouble believing that. :/ :P