How to Wear Colored Trousers~Rock Those Funky Beauties!!!

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Ok so today's post is about one of the really "IN" fashion piece these days. " Colored Trousers". Have you tried them??
I am really sick and tired of not having a colored trouser, especially when they are so in right now!!!It's like everywhere I go, I can see a blue or a pink or a red legged beauty walking down the streets :D 

Zara Collection!! Amazing-ness!!!

So we all knew of colors rocking the upper half of our bodies but the lower half was so primarily reserved for all the blues and blacks and monotones. I'm guessing this trend started with the white trousers!! :D Whatever!!

I just can't help notice how easily people are breaking the mould and giving an edgier and more funky look a try!!I don't know if I'm really ready for it, but IT'S PRACTICALLY EVERYWHERE!!! This post is dedicated to those lovely bottoms that have zinged up a girl's wardrobe this season and I guess for many more to come. 

5 Easy Breezy Tips to Make Sure You Get It Right!!!

1) Avoid doing the same color on the upper and lower half of your body, if need, then try creating a contrast with a jacket  for that edgier feel.

A sling leather bag is such an amazing friend to this look.

2) Don't forget to get yourself a gorgeous white shirt as it goes well with any colored trouser you might think of buying!!

White in all its form and colored trousers are a pair made in heaven :D

3)You can experiment by going stripey stripey on your upper half. Prints also go great with colored trouser in a perfect contrast or color blocked method.

Interestingly, stripes make a great pair with  such trousers as well.

4) If you are going for pastel shade trousers you can rock any monotoned (read black, grey, navy blue etc) for your upper half.

Bold and hot!! Go Grab them. Available at

5) This look is best kept casual and chic, so keep the accessories simple and elegant. Same rule goes for the footwear and makeup.

Hoping to Inspire and Be Inspired!! Enjoy the Pictures!!

Loads of Love

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Have you ever tried this Look?? If Yes, then leave the link to your post in the comments below and I'll link your blog to this post. xo


  1. I am a big fan of this look, and u nailed it perfectly with ur tips !

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