Mind Over Matter

Le Heart : *sob* *sob*  It's not easy..When you take someone as your friend, but they hurt you so bad!!!I'm feeling heavy!!No matter how hard I try, it comes back to me and hurts again!!I'm just feeling very heavy!!Like a dead weight hanging on my shoulders. I've always taken him as a good person, but this is totally unforgivable.

Le Mind: Hmmm you should have thought about it earlier before you advised me not to hurl back at that pathetic person for hurting you so bad. You know your stupid policy of not hurting others will have its consequences. You have to know that for a fact!!! To take the brunt for others, definitely is not good for you in the long run. Bet you would have felt better if you called him and given an amazing dose of what I'm capable of!!!! Deep Sh!t on his f^&*^&$d up face!!!He has only known you, never known how sick I can get!!! ;(

Le Me: Ok so please everyone just calm down!!!! I know heavy and dark times surround all of us, but I want both of you to please hold on. First of all, I think I totally agree with what Mr. Heart compelled us both to do. Even though it does feel unfair for all of us!! To be someone's anger's victim is a bad thing especially if its without any reason. Just someday Someone( I correct myself ; someone who you think is your good friend) comes around and talks shit for no reason.

But being the better person and someone who respects friendship more than anything. I think it was the best thing to do.

Le Mind +Le Heart: Doesn't change the fact that it hurt so much!!!

Le Me: Definitely, but Hold On.

Le Mind: I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive that person for what he did. But it feels good to be the right person.

Le Heart: Second you on that, totally!!

Le Me: Ok so if you are still reading this post :P Know that My Heart, My Mind & Me are going through a rough phase in life. My Mind is confused on what to concentrate on, my preparations or maybe non- existent preparations for a major exams are taking a huge toll on it. Then there is my heart who is reeling in the pain of betrayal by a friend. I am trying to put both of them together and get them out with least damage!!

God Bless Us All.


  1. I hope things get easier! Now following.


  2. Hmm, Serious Discussion. :/
    Can't say anything more. :(

  3. hmmm...A particular phase of my life ...