Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion Review

Bonjour My Lovelies!!!
Today I'm reviewing!!!
My Favorite Cleanser!!!!!!!!!!! Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion
Hola I'm Cetaphil. I'm here to smoothe your skin ;)

Ok so if you have oily skin, believe me this cleanser is like an angel in disguise!!!
Yeah since this is my favorite cleanser you might not hear much bad about it from me. But if you don't believe me just scour through the Internet, you will find dozens of rave reviews for the same!! :)

I'm a lot of alcohols :P 

How To Use
Just like your usual facial cleanser. Take a small amount and apply all over your face, don't scrub. Rinse away or wipe with a clean cloth or cotton.

Use Me, I'm awesum :D

My Price
Rs 135/- for 125 ml

My Experience

Runny runny runny :P

Texture: White, runny, non lathering

Fragrance: No characteristic smell, just on the lines of a topical acne cream I once used, but doesn't linger, so not a problem.

Pros: * The best cleanser for my oily sensitive skin I've ever encountered.
* Doesn't dry up my skin.
* It is moisturizing on some levels because I've gone without moisturizing my skin when I used this, could never ever think of doing that with any other cleanser I've used.
* Excellent for removing makeup too. :)
* Lasts easily for 2 months after using two times a day. I attribute it to its runny consistency, a little amount easily spreads for me ( Well I have a chotu sa face too :P )
* Doesn't break out my skin ( superlike)
* Travel Friendly Pack

Cons: * Can't think of any :P Sorry Peeps,maybe later when and if I find one.

Final Word
I love this stuff. I don't really know how it fares for dry skin, but take my word for oily and combination skin this stuff does a great job. You might not find it in beauty stores, try looking for it in medical stores. They usually stock it up. It helps in acne too. I've had a good experience with this one, hope you do too.

Have you used this product before?? Let me know, What you think about it!!! :)

Loads Of Love


  1. I use the same,and find it really good for my skin type,and its not expensive too !
    P.S-New post is up on my blog !

  2. I've been using this every day since the past one year! Nothing works as well as this face wash!

  3. My mom introduced me to Cetaphil. At first I thought it looks boring & clinical, like a medicine or something. But then I realized, it works, it really works! Yes it's best for my oily skin. :)
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  4. great review and I completely agree. I use cetaphil too in the morning and Dr Sebagh for night. Love Cetaphil - its very gentle and mild and suits my very sensitive skin

    How have u been?


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  7. Thnx a lot all for such lovely comments :)
    Glad to hear that we have a product we all love!!:D

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    1. Thnx alot..Would love to follow each other :)

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  11. I love cetqphil, it's the only thing that doesn't gove me a rash! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Material Fixations

  12. Before I purchase it can you please tell me does it or how it helps combat acne? I really want to know. :)

    1. Well for me it has always helped as it never beraks me out..I think the reason it works so well is coz it is both moisturising and cleanses well too..So that helps in both clearing the pores without triggering the oil glands...Hope that helps you :)

  13. i love cetaphil cleanser for oily skin,,its just fab!!!