Photo Booth: Farewell Memoirs

Hey Lovelies!! ^_^
 Ohh I'm loving doing this post :P It's such an awesome day today, feeling very sunny and happy :D

Secret faces Unveiled ;)

Style Craze!!! ;)

1) The Sari 

That's the closest to a decent top to bottom pic I could get my hands on!!!

2) Hair & Makeup

Cute Wedges, Pretty Kangans,Beautiful Neck piece etc. etc.

3) Eyes

Emo Love!! :)

4) The Surprise Element

To top to my look, we came up with an idea which was there in our heads from a very long time :P A Tattoo. We got butterflies but in different fashions :) To be true, it totally changed our looks, I totally loved it!! :) Yay(ness)!!!!! We got two tattoos each one on our necks just for the sake :P and one for our sari.:D

Eeeppp!! Awesumness Re-Defined!!I love that butterfly tattoo at its complete entirety!! :D

It was a beautiful night,celebrating it with one of the finest people I have known for the past four years was even more amazing :) We had Paper Competition and Tie-the-Knot Competition which was so much fun!! :D Everyone came together like one big family!!Oh I'm definitely gonna miss my friends all of them so much. Well I'm gonna miss all my classmates, everyone's so unique and amazing in strange and awesomeo ways !! :)

Congrats, here a decent solo again!! :P

Mirror,Mirror on the wall!!!& then there was Rapunzel!! :D

Yes,My Friends are Like Super Hot :D

Besties  <3

 The Beauties ;)

This is the real Me!!! :P Ever so Goofy and loving it!! :D
Loads of Love
Keep Smiling


  1. wow, are looking awesome :) totally agree with the specs thingy!!! but, didn't you have issues with the specs marks on the face and probably dark circles??? and, yes, the hair is again pretty and 700 bucks for the whole stuff was pretty nominal!!!

  2. Thnx a lot Swati :) So sweet of you!!! yeah I did, but they did a great job with the makeup thingy, u know..the concealer and stuff..My skin looked flawless :) ;)

  3. u gals look so beautiful in sarees....and that's an uber sexy tattoo u got :D

  4. You girls look lovely in your sari's :)

    Sita xx

  5. You all look beautiful in your equally beautiful sari! ヅ

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  6. @ Wrey...Thnx a lot hun..ur really sweet :D
    Loads of Love..Keep in Touch.. <3

  7. this is so fun! I have always adored Indian clothes, so sexy but elegant!

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