The Story of Min(i)e

Ok so today I'm gonna start with my new course/classes. A major-major decision as far as I'm concerned.It's gonna be like the only thing taking up most of my life apart from my college life. I'm kinda overwhelmed. Really Overwhelmed!!! So this is kinda pent-up energy release post aka frustration release post. :D hehehe Ok the smile is like very difficult to bring on my face. Mostly because of the fact that I'm scared about a lot of things. Not feeling sure about myself at all.

It's like entering a lion's cave and anything could be waiting there for me!! Maybe there is no lion in there, he left long back for a better place and ain't gonna come back.Or maybe he is there with his entire family waiting to devour me up straight. God!! I'm freaking out!!! Not that I didn't think of dropping the plan, or just ditch this.But in one of my more secure and confident moments I realized that I was afraid of silly details. The kinda stuff that shouldn't be affecting me!! At least I shouldn't let them affect me!!

The different possibilities that are getting to my nerves include-

A situation where

" Le me entering the class for the first time and I realize that my ex is sitting right there among the huge crowd of students !! Damn that is the worst. :( Not like there is anything anything!!! between us but I'm just intimidated at this possibility. I have this habit of acting so uncool in front of me.And disgustingly he has the opposite affinity. aarrggghhhhh.   buhuuuuu...But guess what from the first day my dad decided to enroll me In those classes the first thing that crossed my mind was that maybe he would also join those classes.Maybe he will be my batch mate and I'll get to see him for a complete year!! But then my mind thrashed all happiness or whatever good feel it was by posting strange stuff on my mind wall.

"Le mind: What if he says " Look the uncool girl, she looks so geeky, and she is not even that!!!"
Le me : wtf!! I'm sure I'm not geeky looking, yeah maybe I do procrastinate to work on my looks. But I'm not that bad looking :) and I'm intellectual.Gosh at least I'm normal."

Le mind: What are you going to do exactly if you come across ?? Ignore him??
Le me: Pretty much my plan :) I'm there to study not worry about my gone past!!
Le heart: Yeah you can dream about it as much as you want!! I'm gonna play  your estrogens whenever I see him I mean I'm trained to do that!! How can you expect me not to?? :P
Le Me: Damn!! :(
Le mind: :P Now that is one failed plan. So any other plans??

Le me: I don't know!! Heart says he is gonna let the butterflies free and you know what happens after that, you don't work at all!!!
Le mind: Yeah those butterflies are so beautiful!! I  forget to function :P Can't help it..
Le me: Ok what if I don't feed you with the visuals?? :D You won't be able to process it and heart won't know anything and no butterflies and I'm saved..

Le mind: ( Thinking for a long while ) hmm ...that is a good plan. Not like my search box doesn't already have his name written all across it. The first search you perform will point out to him. But if you don't initiate the search process, then I guess  you will be saved.

Le me : YESS!! Finally!!!

Le mind: Yeah but let me warn you, you will look strange not looking up at people. :P
Le me : I don't care I'll just look at the professor and sit at extreme girls corner :) Phew !! I feel light already !!! Thank God ...Happy MahaShivratri to all :)

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All the characters are fictitious and have no resemblance to any person living or dead.


  1. Hahaha I love your post!
    I have encounter the same situation like you. I met my EX after a long time, at first I want to say Hi to him, but he put such a cold and not friendly face. So I ended ignore him. :p

  2. hahahaha.. dat wud be difficult.. u can do one thing!! Fake it ;) fake it dat u dun care.. frm inside.. den d mind wun knw ;)

    New post- The Big Fat Indian Wedding~Part II is up! :)


  3. ohh.. N i forgot.. Thank you for ur wonderful comment dear!! n awwwww.. marriages are full of memories na? :)

  4. @Shash ..thnx hun :D
    @Anku ...yeah i checked it out...masto pics...u lukin gawjuzz sweetheart :* :)

  5. hehe. enjoyed reading this post of yours. Happy Shivratri! :)

  6. haha ya that is a difficult decision, I try to act like nothing's wrong and hope that nothing goes wrong lol

  7. @Anu Thnx hun :)
    @Pop Champagne yeah dat always seems to work :P

  8. heyy am new to ur blog... and i loved ur post it so cool yaar... so now am gonna be a follower of ur blog and check mine too... tc... keep smiling :)

  9. @Francesca.. Thnx hun..Glad you liked the post :) :*

  10. @Anjali :) thnx dear..It's really sweet of you...m followin u now :)
    Keep Smiling