Miss you Namu Forever and Ever.....

My tears have dried
Emptiness is all that remains
The sadness is no more
For I realize that things can’t be changed
But the lull remains..
It tears me down
I cry
As I think of you
I realize there is a
Part of me
That will always be with you

It can’t be undone
The love I have for you
The happiness you spread in this life
And yet when I look at the moon
It looks so incomplete without you
I wish it was me for you
I wish so many things
But wishing never did good
Won’t in this case
So I guess I’d just sit here
Writing in your memory
Hoping you can see
The hurt the pain your loss has caused
How much you meant to so many people
 you were an angel in disguise
It brings happiness to my soul
To be aware of the fact that
You were a part of this
Otherwise meaningless life
It was like a golden era
That changed me
Touched me
Sometimes though it’s an incomplete feel
Wish I could replace you
There are so many things I WISH FOR
It pains me to smile without  you
Why does life go on
Am I experiencing Inertia
Coz m stuck up in the past
With you still by my side
And the present seems so unreal
Like its some kind of an illusion
An illusion I hope will end very soon
And I’ll be back to where you left me
Where we last met
Live those moments
Like they never ended
Like everything is just perfect
I’ll forget all the tears
Yes I would I promise
Yet I’m stuck up in a vacuum
Never belonging to the future
And the past never belonging to me
Bring me to life
To a present that could be as beautiful as the time when there was you and me
The present calls me
But I can’t think of anything more than going back to you
Yet I feel you are always there with me
It’s like I never lost you
You are still sitting beside me
With the sun getting pure as it touches you
The sun light reaches my eyes
But never hurts
Only soothes
I remember your touch
The warmth
And somehow
I can feel you here like you are breathing right next to me
I can feel your sweet smell
Like a summer bloom under a winter sky
It fills my lungs
And my tears disappear like they were never there
Like the past and the present and the future
Has merged to bring us together again
I’m torn
Tell me once
Do I smile or I cry
Coz I juz sit here
Feeling you with every passing breath
The proximity of your memories take me to a void
Where I’m alive again
What do I believe
The things that I can see or the love that I can feel
It feels like we are one again
Like you have become a part of my
Heart, my soul and my very pulse
I don’t feel alone until I open my eyes
And realize that the present
Is a different gift
It is beautiful
But it’s not you
It hurts to be ungrateful
Yet I can’t help but feel
Like I’m unworthy of any love other than yours
I will miss you Forever and Ever.....

Namu..the memory of your smile lingers on to our hearts so strongly that it is hard to believe that you are no longer with us.From all the people who loved you more than themselves..We love you so much Namu..We miss you so much...Praying to God that you are happy with the angels,spreading the smile where you are just like you did when you were with us.
Love You Namu ....