Makeup Tips for Winter

Hey Lovelies..I'm experiencing Winter Blues :( :P Seriously, Isn't it time already for spring/summer anything!! Anyways just the other day I was getting ready for an evening party with one of my friend, and collective makeup session is always fun ;) Ain't it?? One single mirror caters to all thy feminine needs :D So we were putting in all kinds of permutation and combination in our makeup routine when I noticed that all the makeup ingredients that worked perfectly for me in summer, they failed to work in winter.

    So here are some informative points on doing makeup in winters, the right way. :)

* Use an intense moisturiser before applying your makeup.Applying a good moisturiser before applying makeup will make it last more. Johnson's baby cream works well.

* Use powder foundation these are more resistant to temperature changes. If it's really cold, avoid liquid foundations altogether.They work badly with weather changes.

* Do not use loose powder, it tends to dry the skin and give the effect of cracked skin.

* Avoid cream blushes on cold days. They contain petroleum jelly derived substances , not recommended on cold days.

*Try to use mineral makeup as it's nourishing. 

* Use a gentle makeup remover, my favorite recc would be baby oil :) and don't forget to moisturise your skin after cleansing.

Hope the tips Help. Happy Makeupying :D
Keep Smiling


  1. Nice tips Ruhie. I don't use loose powder for sure because it makes my super oily skin dry and patchy.

  2. Hi doll!Hope you are feeling better now..
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.
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    I follow you first, hope you do the same :)
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  3. Only the first point fr me as I never use make-up :P

    btw New Post is up <3

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  4. Thanks a lot. Many of these tips are new for me :)

  5. @ Vertu..It really does...looks so patchy patchy :P

  6. @Anastasia ..Thnx hun..M definitely followin u back ^_^

  7. @Anku hehheeh ur so lucky and sucha doll...without makeup too u look so cutey cutey :D Loads of love hun :)