Fruit of the Earth: Arnica and Tea Tree Shampoo

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Today I'm reviewing my latest shampoo. It is a Modicare product. "Fruit Of The Earth: Arnica and Tea Tree Shampoo". My lovely Sister-in-law introduced me to Modicare products and I must agree they are not bad. Winter always tends to bring in dandruff and so when I visted the Modicare shop, this product particularly caught my eyes ;) Top in the fact that it has Tea Tree Oil. And I couldn't stop myself from indulging in this golden beauty :)

What It Claims:
A potent double action formulation for dandruff-free hair all year round.Nature's own remedy for dandruff and problem scalp.This potent formulation with a unique double action, helps remove dandruff and restores scalp health, so that fresh dandruff does not form. Also nourishes and moisturizes hair.

Neem: The most powerful natural antiseptic, anti fungal and sporicidal. Helps remove infections from scalp.

Arnica: Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Removes dandruff and heals damaged scalp.

Tea Tree Oil: Natural antiseptic.Restores healthy scalp.

Cost: 100 ml for Rs 83/-

Ingredient Check

Sodium Laureth Sulfate: It is a detergent cleanser.Widely found in hair products.Not too good.But okay for hair.

Polyquat 7: This is good for hair.It helps in conditioning the hair.Helps the shampoo foam better.

Phenoxy ethanol : This is mostly used for its conditioning and emollient properties. Okay for hair.

Tea Tree Oil :Used to fight microbes that cause dandruff. Okay for hair if your aim is to fight dandruff  :)

My Experience:


1. Mild Shampoo
2. Herbal, good for daily usage esp for dry hair.
3.Thick consistency
4. Mild Fragrance. It has a sort of herbal smell to it but it doesn't come off too strong so as to be irritating.
5. Didn't strip my hair dry.
6. Sturdy Packaging. Travel Friendly


1. Didn't miraculously help with the dandruff.But did clear up the mess to a great extent.
2. Didn't make my hair dry but they weren't conditioned either. The shampoo bottle suggests using "Fruit of The Earth: Almond and Aloe Vera Conditioner" for best results.
3. Availability is an issue.Only available through Modicare Stores.

Final Word:

This is a decent shampoo and can be used for everyday use. Might be much more effective that way I guess.  But I never shampoo my hair everyday :P Anyways I have a very bad habit of comparing every anti dandruff shampoo with my HG anti dandruff shampoo Ketomac I reviewed it a few days back on my friend Pooja's Blog Indian Beauty Central. You can See The Review Here  .

That's all.Hope you Like the review.
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  1. Nice review , will check, joined u via GFC !:)

  2. Thnx Manya...M already followin u..Glad you liked the review
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  3. Sounds like a good product-but availability is an issue-I dunno where to find it in Kolkata :( Nice review!! Me following you :)

  4. wow u reviewed it so well
    literally u did a scrutiny :)

  5. @anuradha :) Thnx dear :) The availability is definitely an issue, it is only available through Modicare consultants

  6. @bidisha :) Thnx for the compliment :) It is really sweet of u dear :)

  7. never heard of this brand before. sounds good. :)

  8. @Kuheli..It definitely is a good brand :)
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  11. Organic and natural products are very healthy for our body.. its true …… thanks for sharing this valuable post.