Favorite January 2012 Picks :)

Hey Lovelies :)
Hope everyone is doing fine. I've decided to do a post every month to keep a check on all the products I bank on. I hope this would help me in future when I'd want to recall what products worked for me and which ones didn't. :P So this is what I use everyday and these products work for me pretty decently. Hope they help you too  :D  No Probz if they don't.You can tell me about your favorite products.

Face Moisturiser : Lakme Fruit Moisture Peach and Plum Daily Glow Moisture

* 100ml for Rs130/-
* Light moisturiser.
* Doesn't break out  :D
* Fruity smell, doesn't linger on for a very long time, so shouldn't be a problem for sensitive beauties :)
* Moisturises amazingly, My skin feel so cutely soft and cuddly.
* Gives a little amount of glow to your skin.
* Moisturisation works for a long time.
* Contains Sunscreen :)
* Great for daily Usage.

Ok so lovelies I'm on my second bottle of this moisturiser for this winter. At first I was a bit skeptic.I really thought it would break me out . But it didn't and it moisturises beautifully for my case.I'm definitely oily skinned and a slight extra and my skin breaks out. So it comes from a oily skinned beauty. Extra points for all you lovelies, it gives a slight glow to the skin and it has sunscreen. This product is definitely recommended.

Body Moisture: POND'S Triple Vitamin Moisturising Lotion

* Rs 49/- for 100 ml
* Thick consistency, moisturising effect lasts almost 6-7 hours.
* Typical Pond's Fragrance * I agree I'm not a big fan of that *
* A little quantity works well enough.
* Non greasy formula, settles into skin amazingly.

So I don't know why some girls don't like this product. I've compared its moisturising effects with that of Vaseline lotions and Nivea lotion * ok the sunscreen one only, not the extra hydrating one *  .I conducted a poll among my college friends and guess what this product was common to many girls who felt the same about its moisturising effects :)

This is how the poll was conducted ( you need to read this one :P :D ) : All my lovely college friends were assembled in front of the departmental garden waiting for their turns for the external viva. All those pretty girls were asked to raise their sweater arms and go through the Scratch Test :P  And only 3 out 5 (on an average) girls passed the Scratch Test :P Even I failed that test *I was on with my Vaseline body lotion that day * :(   2 out of 5 girls ( on an avg) who passed the test confessed to have used Pond's Body Lotion. And that was the day I got home and invested in this product and I am totally satisfied.I  agree you don't get miracles for such dirt cheap, but believe me it's better than many out there :)

Hair Moisture: Alberto VO5 Vanilla Tea Clarifying Conditioner

 Check out My Experience  and Review :)
It is an amazing product. I'm in love with the concept of co-washing. Totally gaga  :D

 * Availability can be an issue :(

Hair Moisture #2 : Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic hot oil 

* Amazing product
* Rs 35/- for 90 ml.
* Great for hair.
* Use before washing hair on scalp and all over hair for beautiful, lustrous hair.
* Coconut oil together with Ayurvedic warming oils, great product by Parachute :)
* Herbal Fragrance which is quite invigorating.

Hair Moisture #3: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

* Another must for beautiful mane.
* Has helped me a lot in helping retain the beauty of my hair.
* Can be used for so many other uses other than for moisturising hair.
* Definite investment. You will never regret putting your money on a bottle of branded EVOO.  :)

Hair Shampoo #1 : Arnica and Tea Tree Shampoo

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Hair Shampoo #2 : Ketomac Dandruff Treatment Shampoo

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It's 2:00 at night !!! I'm totally messing up with my beauty sleep :D  Hope you like the post. It was fun doing it :) Do tell me about your favorite picks  ;) :D

Loads of Love
Keep Smiling


  1. great recomendations!

    xoxo from rome

  2. Now this is what I needed. All the products for my hair in one place- thanks!

  3. @K Thnx dear... :) M gald you like the post

  4. @Anusha so glad it helped u :D m gonna do anamazing hair care regimen soon..I'm sure it will help you too :)