Alberto VO5 Tea Therapy Conditioner Review

Hey Lovelies :)
I'm magically captivated by the deliciously amazing smell of Alberto VO5 Tea Therapy Conditioner while I'm writing this post. I just brought this from my local dollar store yesterday. And I'm completely mesmerized. :) ;) :P

So the real question is: Why Am I in love with Alberto VO5 Conditioner even before I have used it??

1. It smells heavenly!!!
2. It is one of the few sulfate free conditioner available in the market.
3. It's amazingly affordable. You get a whooping 443 ml for a mere Rs 150/- ( Ok I won't lie,I got it for Rs 134/- :P but it's originally prized Rs 150/- ) Comparing it with my recent conditioner from Modicare 100ml for Rs 83/- .
4. No silicones and no parabens !!!!
5. There is such a huge variety to choose from !!!

This is one conditioner I have heard rave reviews of from many sources. According to Tightly curly, co washing with this product is amazing for curly haired beauties :) But I'm a straight haired girl.Actually I have a very Indian type of hair :P More of South Indian lol :D

They are strong, long and black beauty ( touch wood ) ;)  But at the same time they are difficult to manage and style. Tangles are my hair's best friend :( esp once I'm out of the shower ( Makes me dread washing my hair so much ). I hate hair loss so I don't try products unless I'm really sure that they won't harm my love...

I have been using Modicare products ( Shampoo+conditioner). They are good but not sulfate free and maybe that's why I'm not getting the intended results.Honestly speaking all the ads just raise the bar of good looking hair so much that it's frustrating.The whole image is completely disillusioned. Don't let yourself be fooled by camera tricks and your movie stars.Your hair don't care about them, so neither should You.

But what you should be caring about is what you give to your hair.We all know they are dead and all. But we all know that they can always have a mind of their own,esp if they don't get the product that suits them :P 

So while we all want Tangled to happen to us !!!

We Often End up With This,Right!! :P :(

Availability : So If you live anywhere in India and cannot find sulfate free conditioners like VO5 or SAUVE, just hop on to your nearest dollar shop,you will definitely find it over there :)

Cost: Rs 134/- for 443 ml

Ingredient Check:  Click Here

So that was with the ingredient list. :) 

My Experience :
Totally loved it.It is amazing for co-shampooing!! My hair never felt better.But guess what the only dollar store in my town shut down :(  But I'm definitely going hoard this one whenever I visit a dollar store. ;)

Loads of love

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  1. Hello. I'm gonna search for Alberto VO5 Conditioner ,Thanks for the review, very interesting. ;)

  2. Hey Melisa..Ur welcome dear :)
    Believe me it smells divine :D m totally mesmerized!!Omg!!what m i doin,it is a conditioner ...yet it smells heavenly !!Can't help :P You should definitely go for it... :)

  3. Ruhie that was a biiig list of ingredients.
    Btw nice review but I think it's gonna be really hard to find. Will search it. :)

  4. nice review dying to buy it..... :) ye ye ye :{

  5. Hey Vertu.... thnx hun :) ya its not readily available in India, but If you access to any US dollar store they definitely might be having this stuff...

  6. auiii :) thnx sweetheart...
    u should definitely try smells heavenly....u will love it... :D