6th Miss and Mr. Madhya Pradesh

Hey Lovelies :)
SIT Xpress and Education Welfare Society organized Mr. and Miss Bhopal successfully for the 6th time in Bhopal :) It took place on the 19th of Jan, 2012. * I know it's tad late * :P  Anyways here are the pics.Hope you like them  ^_^

The Judges

 A number of rounds took place to judge the best of the contestant. All the participants did a great job.It was indeed a beautiful evening. :)

Pictures From Ethnic Round

Pictures From The Western Round

Pictures From The Funky Round

The Winners

Event: Mr. and Miss M.P. 2012
Organizers: SIT Xpress and Welfare Education Society
Date: 19th Jan, 2012
Venue: Campion School Auditorium

SIT XpressN 6th Miss. & Mr. Madhya Pradesh Title Winner - Male
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Winner
Mr. Rajesh Yadav
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG 1st Runner-Up
Mr. Abuzar Ali
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG 2nd Runner- Up
Mr. Ritesh Dubey

SIT XpressN 6th Miss. & Mr. Madhya Pradesh Title Winner - Female
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Winner
Miss. Surbhi Khare
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG 1st Runner-Up
Miss. Ruchi Tiwari
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG 2nd Runner- Up
Miss. Vijeta Malviya

 Sub-Titles - Female
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Miss. Best Smile
Miss. Kanchan Shrama
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Miss. Beautiful Skin
Miss. Nirupama Lowanshi
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Miss. Beautiful Hair
Miss. Manshi Sable
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Miss. Fresh Face
Miss. Simple Arya
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Miss. Golden Heart
Miss. Pratibha Chakrawarti
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Miss. Talented
Miss. Vijeta Malviya
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Miss. Confident
Miss. Surbhi Khare
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Miss. Hospitality
Miss. Radhika Shakya
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Miss. Photogenic
Miss. Ruchi Tiwari
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Miss. Congeniality
Miss. Namrata Kansoriya
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Miss. Beautiful Eyes
Miss. Varsha Patil

 Sub-Titles - Male
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Mr. Best Smile
Mr. Manoj Wathre
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Mr. Beautiful Skin
Mr. Neeraj Nagaich
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Mr. Beautiful Hair
Mr. Ritesh Dubey
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Mr. Beautiful Eyes
Mr. Raj Chandani
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Mr. Fresh Face
Mr. Kapil Vijaywargi
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Mr. Golden Heart
Mr. Bhuendra Pratap Singh
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Mr. Talented
Mr. Abuzar Ali
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Mr. Confident
Mr. Abuzar Ali
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Mr. Hospitality
Mr. Gaurav Shrivastava
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Mr. Photogenic
Mr. Rajesh Yadav
http://www.sitindia.com/Images/BG_RED.JPG Miss./Mr. Congeniality
Mr. Amit Balani

Media Coverage  :)

Yesss...You guessed it right..The Winner Miss. M.P. Surbhi Khare is my friend :D I attended this event to cheer for her :) and I'm so happy for her. Beauty with Brains she is the perfect combination. and the best thing about her is that she is so down to earth and humble.I wish her loads and loads of happiness and success for all her future endeavours :)  

Loads Of Love

Image Courtesy: SIT Xpress


  1. What a great event! I am very happy for your friend!

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  3. Congratz and best wishes Surabhi:)

  4. @siri, all that I know...Thnx Lovelies :)
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