Helpful Tips for Hair fall Control

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So here are some amazing tips to stop the early hair fall problem.

Hair fall is natural. We have often heard that losing 100 strands a day is quiet natural, but what is not natural is losing way more than that!!

 Premature baldness has become a very prevalent problem today. There are many contributing factors. Losing your hair after a certain age never rings a bell , but earlier than that. And we all panic.

 If your problem  is genetic, you might want to consult a good dermatologist.
There are many cosmetic procedures as well as therapies to help you stop the loss and protect you precious scalp.

But in all this hum drum we tend to forget the very basic cause of hair fall- Our Lifestyle
Our lifestyle plays a very major role in deciding our age acceleration process.Here are a few tips to help you control this problem.
  1. Early to bed , early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. But guess what it also helps our hair. :D It's a major contributing factor to this problem. So make sure that you sleep on time and get up early :) 
  2. Keep your towel and comb separate.Do not use other's towel or comb for your hair.
  3. Stick to a particular type of oil. Do not keep changing hair oils every once in a while. Your hair and scalp might not like it.
  4. What they will like: " Take some coconut oil and mix a few drops of lemon juice to it and apply this to your hair. It will make your hair healthy and shiny." :) 
  5. Keep up with your digestive system. Eat on time, avoid too much spicy or oily food. Acidity in your stomach can adversely  affect your hair.
  6. Veggies are your friends :)  Fresh Vegetables are a definite help. You can also go for fresh salad with loads of carrots, boiled tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach and so on.Top them with pepper and enjoy this delight atleast once a day :) 
  7. Wash your hair with every shampoo you've known  :P Never do this peeps :) 
  8. "I am having so much hair fall. I think I should just cut my hair, to improve the situation!!" This is a total myth girls, even if you hate the phase. This is no solution. I have seen so many of my friends cut their long mane so mercilessly owing to this very myth. Don't fall for it!!!
So these were some of the tips. Hope they help you in the long run. :)
Take care
Keep Smiling ( Yeah that helps too, believe me!! ;) )

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  1. Hi! Hair care is very important... yes you very true! :)

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  4. Hey! I'm glad to found these tips for hair loss.