Athirapilly Waterfalls

It's exam times !!!!!!!!!!!!! I should be studying!!!!!!!!!! But it's been so long that I haven't posted, I'm tryin to be strong but the strength I have is washing away... :P :P :P yeah well that's my not-so-funny-bone YOL (yelling out loudly) Ok jokes apart, peeps...M sharing with you some really amazing pictures from my trip to Kerala. It's not the complete trip, that would be tooooo many picssss :P It's a part of my trip.My visit to Athirappilly Waterfalls !!! It's one of the most amazing places on the face of this Earth. It was rainy season, the weather was amazing, it was so beautiful and so romantic *dreamy eyes* hahahha :P

Ok so here we Go!!!!! Hope you Enjoy :)

Introducing you to Teak Wood *clappings* With the going rate of deforestation,it could be gone real soon. But you can always hop in to my blog when you feel like u r missing the gorgeous Teak in all it's glory *ok maybe not all it's glory :P *

Movie shoot takin place wn we got there..The gal in yellow is the actress :) She was really b'ful and watching the whole crew work as a team was amazing. Made my conviction of making a movie more stronger :) The whole process of creation is juz amazing!!!

That's all for my Athirapilly Waterfall trip.Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Loads of love
Keep smiling


  1. Fabulous Pics... I've crossed Vazhachal Forest once and loved the place. Saw Athirapalli from a long distance!!! :)
    Gotta go thr again as a trip to Athirapalli n Valparai!!! :)
    Here's my post on Vazhachal Forest.. :)
    My Travelogue - Vazhachal Forest

  2. Btw, did you know many scenes of Raavan were shot there...???

  3. Thnx Dear :)
    Yup I know that!!! It's really amazing!! The force of the water is so strong that you are all wet even when you get a lil close to it!!!
    Must-visit-place!! It was an amazing experience :)

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