"Change The View" Theory

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Ok let’s blabber about the most important ingredient for a successful life “ Confidence”. So we have all seen and heard of confident people and their success stories. Especially students preparing for their campus interviews know it better, as most of the time you will hear your mentors, seniors, parents, friends almost everyone blurting out the importance of “CONFIDENCE”. 

TRUST IN ONE’S ABILITY- that is how the dictionary meaning of confidence goes.

No matter how many failures knock you down have the courage  to stand up on your feet, that is confidence. 

So how do you become confident?? A question asked by many. Personally I love giving seminars, and I give good ones too, please don’t think that this is some article on self praisal, just keep on reading, I hope you will get my point. I have been praised by almost everyone who has heard me give a seminar. But this didn’t come naturally to me. Everytime someone congratulates me for my performance, I remember the day I gave my first speech at my school. 

I believe I was in my 9th standard at that time. There was this English speech competition and I prepared for it quite hard. But I was always very nervous and I don’t even know why my teacher selected me :P only one student had to be selected from each section. My knees were shaking while I was giving a speech in the selections, but I believe he liked the points that I presented, for the rest I don’t know why he selected me. Anyways I remember people not being too happy with my selection :P teehee yeah I’m talking of my fellow mates, we all had the competition spirit I guess :D 

My pillar of strength, My Daddy was out of town :(  but yet I gave my 100% collecting stuff from the internet, making points , giving it a complete body etc etc. (Read: At the time I was in 9th, Internet was a LUXURY, owned by few, It was always a pain to get something from the net, print it out blah blah :P ) .

It was the day of my speech competition, I was nervous as always, but I never thought that things would turn out the way they did.

I went to the mic as my name was called out. We were not allowed to take with us any notes or cards, that is any kind of help . A few sentences and I was blank, yeah completely blank. I didn’t even remember one sentence . It was like I was in some kind of a trance, nervousness took all over me. I didn’t say a word and I came back, teary faced, and I cried like anything. It was real shitty, all my competitors and their friends passing out lame comments. I was only worried about how my teacher would react, but guess what when his lecture came, he just passed a smile, as if it was a not a big deal. It was at that moment that I realized a few lessons of my life:

1) There is always a third perspective to any situation. No matter how shitty things get, try changing the view and you will resolve your problems with so much more ease.

Now I wasn’t the only one who faired bad, there was also a girl who was senior to me, even she got nervous, but guess what, as far as I know, she has turned out to be the best orator and she has also had many literary achievements in her kitty. You getting what I mean, it’s the second lesson:

2) An event of your life, a nasty comment, bad situations …ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND NO ONE has the capability to affect your future. The key to your future lies in your hand. You have the choice, God gives you the POWER.

I don’t remember one speech that I might have screwed up following that incident, because every time I forget my speech, I remember my “ CHANGE THE VIEW “ theory and believe me it always works.Just like in a DBMS, we can create various views for the single physical table, such views help us in faster and more effective retrieval of data.

Similarly a human mind is like a table, with infinite amount of data stored in it. We remember only the things which are in our cache memory,the things which are highest on our priority. Yet our mind has the capability to store things our mother listened to when we were inside her, well that is just an example to show the extent of stuff inside your brain. 

Now this brain has different windows that we call in our common language as PERSPECTIVES. Different humans put in similar situations react differently, the only difference being the perspective or the view or the window they use to see the situation.

Here is when the power is handed over to you, You have the power to change the view. God has gifted it to us, it's up to us if we realize this potential and use it to our best.

The right question is : " Which window will you open?" **in style of I,Robot** ;)

Now this has brought me to a very important thing that my beloved guruji :) discussed with me just yesterday. Let me tell you something about him,” HE IS JUST AMAZING “ :D yeah that’s it for a brief , I could go on and on and you’d be confused what to register in your mind and what not to :P 

So let’s get to what he said: He said,” If there is a person standing on a stage and he has in front of him a huge  audience, then all he need to have with him is Confidence, and he WILL deliver the most effective speech without making one single mistake, even if he doesn’t know anything about the topic. “

And this my friends is absolutely true, My Guruji has tried it, I have tried and I’m so sure there are so many people out there who have tried this and experienced it. The best example is a teacher at your school :P heeeheee..No I’m not saying it in a bad light.

Take me as an example, I have taught younger friends of mine, now often it happens that they bring to me chapters that I have never studied in my entire life, but the thing is that I just change the view, rather than taking it as something you don’t know and closing yourself to the endless possibilities, by saying I don’t know this subject.

A very good example to this theory is Respected Mr.John Dalton. I'm sure most of us have read about his atomic postulates, did you know he was born in a poor weaver family and he started his career as a teacher at the mere age of twelve. Do you know what he did, he simply opened himself to the endless possibilities. This helped him theorize something others merely thought as a philosophy.

For once, Open up to the universe. Everybody knows that there are invisible waves and energy floating all around us, c'mon people we’ve all read about it in our elementary physics chapters, Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. Open up to this energy, when you open up and send to the universe a message, the universe responds. The human body starts behaving like an antennae, and that energy is directed towards you. It is what you can call DIVINE INTERVENTION .

Ok now I’m starving :P so here is the deal -

Final Word: 

Next time, you find yourself blank and stranded, with a dearth of words and a hundred eyes towards you.  
Just shake your head vigorously, 

Take a deep breath, 

Put a smile on your face, 

Open up to the universe, 

Give the bestest speech of your life,

Win accolades, 

Thank me for my amazing article ;) and 

Continue to pass the " Change the View" message to your loved ones :)

Keep Smiling

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