The Voice of Reason : Need Of Exams!!

EXAMZ!!!!EXAMZ!!!!EXAMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How I hate exams and tests.... :P

It' not like I don't like learning new things, but giving a test after learning every new thing is such a monotonous and bounded way of living life. You need to prove yourself even when you learn something for fun!!!!!! :o
 Just for an example, I started learning French for my personal reasons :P ( You can find the reason on my sidebar, lol ) ;)

Anyways I started out like a few months back, and it was an awesome experience but wait a sec I have my exam tomorrow!!!! DELF A1 exam and I need to pass it to ever prove it to anyone that I really put lot of efforts, time and money to learn this language and What if I fail?? 
Nothing much I'll be on par with my friends who never troubled to learn anything of this sort, much worse I'm below par as I would then be accused of wasting my time, efforts and money!! WTH

And as I was preparing myself, I happened to talk to one of my friends who has been recruited just this year in a very prestigious software company. I was just telling him " Tests and exams hote kyun he yar? Kitna boring kam hota he inhe pass karna..Apka kitna acha he,chutkara mil gaya apko toh "

He replied " Beta,join karo company pata chalega kitne test hote he " :P
Now that was really encouraging of him :P
Anyways it has forced me to think that This world really is madly in love with exams!!!! and tests!!!
Wanna enter a school----GIVE A TEST!!
Wanna enter in any University/College----GIVE A TEST!!
And even after all this fuss created to make us able and worth some work ,We are expected to pass tests even in our places of work!!!

This is your deadline!!!This is your Promotion Exam!!! and what not!!That's just a silhouette of what we are supposed to face!!!

Anyways!!! Let's leave those exams to our loving future for it to surprise us :P and let's deal with what we have in our hand!!
I'm sure everyone has an exam at hand or atleast the timetable to one!!

Bon chance to one and all and myself as well and ofcourse also to those lucky gens who somehow haven't ever tasted the sourness of a test(never really heard of any though) I pray to God that all my readers get only the sweetness of good results. :)

Au revoir
Keep Smiling

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