How to Sleep Well!!

Sleeping well is essential to good health. Still many people struggle to sleep atleast 8 hours a night. Here are some tips to get the best sleep possible.

Find the problem. If you are not sleeping well, there could be many reasons for it, such as stress, certain illnesses, or maybe something you heard or saw which traumatized you. Maybe, its just something minor bothering you. The best advice is to recognize and deal with the issues. Do this and sleep should return to its normal pattern.

Make sure your bedroom is comfortable. The less clutter, the better. A clean environment should aid more restful sleep. Also, avoid bright colours in a bedroom, and make patterns simple if using paint effects.

Watch what you put in your body. Do not eat red meats and heavy foods after 6 p.m. Switch to decaf coffee, because caffeine can keep you awake even if you drank it earlier in the day. Try to smoke less, particularly before bedtime.

Have your evening bath just before retiring for the night. Add something like lavender oil or any relaxing aromatherapy oil, to the bath.

Meditate (or pray, if that's your preference) before going to bed. This should help clear your thoughts and mind , and calm and soothe your soul. Play peaceful music if you think it might help.

Get comfortable in your bed, and don't think too hard. Once you are calm and relaxed, all that's left is to drift away and enjoy a soothing night of sleep.

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