Love @ First sight: Story Of a Guy!!

Love At First Sight!!

Ever feel like…….

“Even if U don’t say anything, I choose U as my love”…..
“I lay down on the edge, I feel my whole life on rewind

See UR face in the crowd, a million times”……

It’s a wonderful feeling …..Love At First Sight
Don’t make your mind heal the feeling, it’s a state of mind knocking the doors of heart.


How do you know

· When YOU feel possessive about that person the very moment, with lots of care

· When You are lost in dream of a thousand colors

· If You choose between living and breathing

· Feel like the Sky and the Earth meets one

If you are still not sure about your feelings, take things slowly, but believe it is Love At First Sight. Some say its just lust, but believe me "Lust Becomes Love"
Don’t fear to express your love……..Do something Crazy , say something

“Half of my heart melts by looking at ur smile
And the other half melts by looking at ur soft eyelashes...
I’ve not been in such a state, yesterday or today
But I’ve been this way ever since i saw your face for the first time……”

Even if you get ignored don’t feel bad, “for love is yell of giving and hold on….”

Love unconditionally,Be crazy in love.Pursue what your heart desires.

Be there for your loved ones in person, stand by their side so they are not alone.

But Why am I telling You all this!!
Fall in Love At First Sight, Your Heart Tells U Everything........

The words of Adarsh Unnithan.

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