The 5 min Post!!!!

Ok.So I have my class and I gotta go be ready in a few minutes and I should have been revising my notes
in these 5 mins ,but I'm falling for the temptation of writing my blog.Many days from the last blog,Yeah,I know,I was just lacking any sort of creativity or imagination. :P

Not a very good time for me :(

But hey lets not get into that.I have got so much to tell!!

1. I'm totally disappointed by my experience in

Just the last blog I did mention that it was a great site and it indeed is,but its no use to a little girly with no enuf money.No money they ain't talking.Last time I did show you my new Language scarpbook I made,its lying useless now :(
You have to get a paid subscription :(
I do realize that to maintain such a nice site you need money and ofc noone gives knowledge for free these days!!
But I thought I could atleast access their audio lessons,they were so effective!!!! :|
But to my despair,in my free account I can only access a handful of those audio lessons.
My happiness level definitely did come down.One more obstacle to my dream to learning one of my favourite language "JAPANESE".But My GuruJi says when you get obstacles in your path,its an indicator that you are walking on the right path. :)
So I'm not gonna lose it,though I think I'll have to go back to,which is also an amazing site :)
But is somewhat confusing,they have so much stuff that if you want to get to the audio files you will have to go through 3-4 links before you get the actual recording link.And even when you get to it,It doesn't simply work,you have download it everytime,so each time you come across a new word whose pronunciation you would want to hear,it prompts you to download it,now that's kinda messy :|
Nonetheless,its the poor girl's ULTIMATE option  :P
OOps!!Its already 10:06am !!Not a very good sign :P
Keep Smiling.


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