Learning Japanese!!

Hello Friends!!

Ok,I'm so new to blogging.I'm a very impulsive girl and you will easily see it in my writing style.I talk about one thing and the other

moment I'm talking about something else.I hope everything turns out to be fine.I really want this to work out.This would be like my online journal.I'll update it with whatever new happens to my life.Usually a lot happens so it will be fun and also I'm a girl who likes to learn new things,so I'l share everything that I learn in this blog.I hope someday it will be of help to some person who really needs it.But Till then its gonna be my personal den.

Yess,so its a whole new world I'm opening myself to!!

"We all go through ups and downs in our life,but what is important that we keep holding on and move ahead to a brighter future,because God has in store for us something really Big!!"

So after the very emotional introductory speech ( :D) I'd like to tell you the stuff I did today.So I got up this morning with a face full of oil!! I know that sounds disgusting but it isn't exactly so!!

Actually its about the special beauty tip I'm trying out.Yeah "BEAUTY" I'm a girl,remember.So what is this special tip,Well for this you need to have:


1.Capsules of vitamin-E+aloe vera.

2.Your sweet face clean and nice.

3.Your efficient hands clean and nice.

Some Info on the Capsules:

It renders skin an optimum level of moisture and revitalization, improving the appearance of aging skin. With Vitamin-E Facial Oil, Skin will always stay young and healthy, silky soft and Smooth. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that fights against damaging natural substances known as free radicals. It is incorporated in to the fat-based tissues of the body, such as the heart, fat-carrier molecules like LDL, and our cell membranes, where it acts to stabilize these structures and protect them from free radical attack. Vitamin E also protects our cells from compounds such as lead, mercury and other heavy metals. Vitamin E is complimentary with Vitamin C in its function, therefore Vitamin E and Vitamin C should be taken together. There are several natural compounds, called tocopherols, that demonstrate Vitamin E activity. Because of Vitamin E strong antioxidant effects, supplementation exerts a protective effect in many common health conditions.

Use: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Skin Oil is beautifully enrich in vitamin E oil with Aloe Vera. It helps diminish the appearance of age lines caused by the sun and the skin's natural aging. When used daily, this product will help your skin feel silky smooth and healthy all over. Snip the tip off one capsule. Apply to face, throat and body in the morning and at bedtime. Discontinue usage if irritations occur.

Yeah so these are the advantages that it claims to offer,I'm not really going into the name of the product,because though I did buy it from medical store("read reliable sources"),I bought only 5 capsules,on a trial basis.I thought to try it for 5 days and if it suits me,I'd consider buying the whole jar.Yeah they do give it independently,I'm not sure if other stores would do that,but the guy from the store is my friend so I happened to get it without a problem.


I've used it two days,I mean two nights before going to sleep,and I love the effects!!

Its great,Its just something it does to my skin.My skin appears brighter,clearer and so on.I like the results.I have a very oily skin with pimples and ofc the scars,blackheads.Yeah everything you could name for in an oily skin,intact,right in place.This product didn't really do anything for my pimples,though the redness with the pimples was visibly reduced.That's Great!! I don't know if I sound technically right or not!!But my skin just looks happy.You know everyday you get up,you go to the mirror,your face says something,and from the past two days,My skin appears to be happy,content,self satisfied.It is just more that I could ask for!

As for other stuff,I had a message from my ex,but I'll deal with it in my letters and I also saw two movies "The Social Network" and "The Proposal".I know pretty late,but thats my style I don't watch movies when they come,I save 'em and I watch 'em after a few years after everyone has reviewed it and then I decide my own reviews about the movie,also I just find a certain level of charm in watching movies not just for the sake of watching them b'coz its new!!I like to watch them because of my passion to watch movies.Imaginations always inspire me!So movies are kinda inspiration for me that I like to completely savour,take in,every drop.I like to appreciate the efforts put behind the movie( I know I'm not contributing to their revenue by not going to the theatres,but Hey I'm not the only one!!) , the essence put into the movie by the actors and so on.Ok enough said .You can catch the review of the two movies just in case you haven't watched them,catch the reviews,I'm sure you will love theses movies!!

Ok...So Finally something related to the topic of this post.Learning Japanese!!!

I'm learning Japanese,for the love of Anime.I'm learning Japanese. :D

I think its an adorable language,its the second foreign language apart from French that I'm learning.It was the first day today.Learning Japanese has never been so easy.


This site is the answer to all your japanese questions (hahahahha)Funny,japanese questions,right!! :P

You really need to get your hands to this website.I registered myself long back with the intention of learning Japanese,at first I couldn't understand the functionong of the site,but now that I got a grip of it,man!!It is so easy!!I never thought I'd be able to learn japanese so nicely.I'm very excited about this site and learning Japanese.

It was my first day today,I downloaded the first audio tape that tells you how to say Hello to people at different times of the day,like konnichiwa,ohayo,konban wa and so on.It was real fun.

J'adore japanesepod101.com.Bisous.Embrasse.

Hehehehe..Keiko going multilingual.Man!! How I love languages!!!I wish to learn as many languages as possible.I hope I succeed in this,as it will help me in my dream to go on a world tour.I'd love to visit Japan when the sakura blooms(Now that is my ultimate Dream,Part of my My Wishlist!!).

Day End.Post End.


Keep Smiling :)


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