Letters to Love: Love or Mere Responsibility

When does love turn into mere obligation and responsibility?

The feeling of love often begins with butterflies in the stomach and an excitement that knows no bounds. It makes us lose sleep and it feels like the whole world is our oyster! Love gives off a lot of energy when it starts. But later, as time passes, it feels the opposite way. All the strength and courage evaporates in thin air.

The city that saw the start of our love also witnessed its end. Every memory made, every place visited together became a feeling of burden. Something that weighed down on me with every breath. It's weird when I think about it now. Sometimes I feel like it was love, sometimes I doubt it.

Letters to Love: What Happens After The Last Chapter?

Hola cupcakes,

So we have all read story books and novels. Some have a happy ending, while others leave us with bad taste in mouth. Today I would like to draw an analogy between real-life endings and not-so-real life endings.