Choco Chip and Apple Tart

Dreamy eyes as I watch you smile
Didn't realize all this while
How sweet you taste to my heart
Like a choco dip and an apple tart

Give me sunshine everyday
I'll love you in every way
We'll take the love and care
And everything we'll share

My heart's gonna overflow
with the silly love and the stupid glow
of your love that lights my heart

I feel silly falling in love
Feels like there's nothing below neither above
Damn I hate this sinking feeling
No medicines and no damn healing

But whenever then I see you smile
I forget all the pain in a while
And with dreamy eyes as I watch you smile
I realize that why all this while
You tasted so sweet to my heart
Like a choco chip and an apple tart

- Ruhie

Please don't ask the motivation behind this poem!!I was eating Cadbury Silk and earlier I ate Crunchy Chocolate Pastry and also I've been eating chocolates I got from my sister from Mumbai which look like rocks but are actually chocolates!! So too much sweetness!!And definitely silliness!! 

Take Care My Lovelies!!
Loads of Love


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