67 Subscribers Celebration Giveaway!! Win a €67 Gift Voucher! - Rules & Regulations

11/27/2016 Ruhie Kumar 0 Comments

Hello lovely friends,

Please read the following rules and regulations pertaining to the Youtube channel giveaway.

When does it start and end?
1) The giveaway starts as soon as the Youtube video related to this giveaway is up on the Youtube channel.
2) The closing date of the giveaway is 15th Jan, 2017. But the giveaway end date is subject to change, based on the number of valid entrants. If the giveaway host feels that there are very few valid entries, the end date of the giveaway can be extended.

How do people enter?
3) The person taking part in the giveaway should publicly follow the Youtube channel 'Ruhie', so that it can be taken as a valid entry, along with a comment that states that they are interested in taking part in the giveaway. These are mandatory rules and are done to ensure there are no invalid or fake entries through fake profiles or such.
4) In addition to the rule 3, if the person willing to take part in the giveaway comments on what they would like to see on the channel in the future, that would qualify them to extra two more entries, increasing their chance of winning the giveaway in a fair manner.

What is the prize?
5) The winner of the giveaway will be given a €67 H&M gift voucher.
6) In case the giveaway host is not able to send the €67 H&M gift voucher, the host of the giveaway and the winner can together decide on an alternative gift. But the alternative gift would amount to €67 only in monetary value. The giveaway host will not deposit money into the giveaway winner's account. The giveaway prize will only be of nature of gift such as gift voucher or such.

Who can enter?
7) The giveaway is open internationally.
8) The person taking part in the giveaway should be legally over 18 years of age.

How is the winner chosen?
9) The giveaway host holds the right to declare prize winner through the use of random name picker software to ensure fairness and equal chance to all giveaway entries. The result will be declared according to the giveaway host's convenience.
10) The giveaway host is not responsible for any harm or damages incurred to the entrants due to entry into this giveaway.

When will the winner be announced?
11) The winner of the giveaway will  declared according to the giveaway host's convenience.

How will the winner be informed?
12) The winner will be declared through another Youtube video on the channel. The winner will be contacted through the email id provided through their comment on the Youtube channel.

When will the prize be delivered?
13) Due to the international nature of the giveaway, there is no set date on the prize delivery. The giveaway prize will be delivered as per the giveaway host's convenience. The giveaway host only takes responsibility until the successful receipt of the gift voucher by the giveaway winner.

The person taking part in the giveaway hosted on this link - Youtube Link to Giveaway agrees to accept all the above rules and regulations. Any person not accepting above rules and regulations will not be able to take part in this giveaway. The vlogger is not responsible for any damages incurred to the participants of the giveaway.

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