Rainbow was on us!

Yeh fitoor mera
laya mujhko he tere kareeb
Yeh fitoor mera
rehmat teri
Yeh fitoor mera
maine badla he mera naseeb
Yeh fitoor mera
chahat teri...

Hello Cupcakes,
It's not a bright day outside as I write this post, but I hope there is warmth in the hearts of my readers. The words above are from one of my favorite song from the movie 'Fitoor'. It has a beautiful meaning. You can know more about it here.

Today I'm posting pictures from a really beautiful place in Ireland. It goes by the name, 'Ballybunion Beach'. It is a coastal town in County Kerry. Possibly, one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Ireland! See the pictures to believe it yourself. I took tons of pictures and it was a serious challenge to pick a selected few for this blog post. The struggle was real!

Doesn't this scene remind you of a tragically sweet love story. Sitting on this old bench, do they confess their love or do they bid their goodbye? What would happen in the love story in your mind? 

Ireland has these beautiful dandelions everywhere. I feel I'm going to capture dandelions on every beach I visit. Fragile, yet beautiful. Waiting for a strong wind to blow them away. With the wind, they carry all the wishes with them. So, don't forget to make a wish next time you see a dandelion. 

Apart from walking on the beach you can take a long circuit walk along the cliff. The views are gorgeous! It was slightly rainy the day we went. I'm not sure if that was a good thing or bad. We were cold, but the whole scenery became so much more pleasing.  

The scene of the clouds from the cliff was right out from a movie! Don't they remind you of candy floss? What if we could take some out and eat? Wait! Would it be blue or white candy floss? I'm not sure. I would take either.

The beach is safe for both bathing and surfing enthusiasts. The beach is divided into two parts, with the beach to the left side of the castle called the "Men's Beach and right one called "Women's Beach". But, don't worry you don't have to follow the name as a rule. 

The panoramic views from the cliff will take you to another world. The blue of the water merges effortlessly in to the blue of the sky. 

And as if they combination of blue water, blue sky, green grass and white sand wasn't enough, there were these angelic pink flowers all over the cliff. I find it so hard to describe that place. It was so beautiful! It's when I visit places like these, that I feel I'm so bad with words.

The walk along the cliff also has a blowhole, famously known as 'The Nine Daughter's Hole'. This blowhole is a natural formation. According to local legend, the nine daughters of a local chieftain fell in love with the nine invading Vikings, and planned to elope and get married. The chieftain threw his daughters and the Vikings into the hole and they drowned. Talk about tragic!

I just wanted to jump into the water. The water was so alluring. But I wouldn't dare because it was super cold!

Interestingly, the rock in the picture above is called 'The Virgin Rock'. The sea has carved out three caves, which have met in the center causing the whole center to collapse. It is an island held-up on three legs.

That is how I like my feet! Red tipped, messed with sand and overlooking the sea! I would prefer a beach life any day. The sound of the water, the strong wind that sways you from within, the smell of sea that refreshes you, the texture of sand that soothes your soul and the cold sea water that calms you down. Who wouldn't prefer that? 

They have a bench that overlooks the sea. Sitting here, you can see the sunset. I call this place Peace! I call this place Love. Hold hands, play fallafel, make jokes, meditate, feel the wind play with your hair, write a beautiful poem and just be yourself. It brings a smile to my face even when I think about it. I thank my angel for this day.

I'm not sure if you can see the rainbow in this picture. It is between the two arrows and it goes around where we lived. It was a perfect view. The rainbow was the right end to our trip. 
Don't forget to include Ballybunion Beach in your Ireland itinerary if you love beaches.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures
Loads of Love


  1. Kaun hai ko, Ho aapke kareeb aaya. Lagta hai, aap bataoge he nahi. 😁

    Beautiful pictures and the place looks fabulous. 👌🏻