My First Road Trip for 2015!!!

Hola My Lovelies,

Guess who is on the Indiblogger Page!!!!

Yayy I love it when people put my picture first!I'm so happy. This is a  beautiful moment. I think I might cry!Ok, so history!

A few days back, Indiblogger came up with a road trip and if you lived near Mumbai or Pune, you could apply for it without any pre-requisites.I applied for it, obviously! Who would miss an opportunity for a road trip that too, when you are guaranteed the company of amazing fellow bloggers!

Guess what? I got selected.Yet cherry on the cake was definitely the fact that I'm first on the list, at least on the webpage *evil laugh*.

So I'd request you better follow the GenX on their road trip unless you wanna miss all the fun!Find my twitter handle here

Although I'm a little rusty with my driving lessons, I hope they'll let me drive the car. I just hope they don't ask me to park it. :P #guiltyofbeingabadcarparker

Anyways I hope to have an amazing time. It's been so long I met some interesting people.
The funny part of this situation is that I have been wanting to go to Pune from the last 2 years, but some how or the other it never worked out! But guess God had already planned it really well. This was worth the wait! :D

I will be sharing more posts on this Road Trip. Most of the fun will be on twitter though! So don't forget to follow me on Twitter. It's gonna be awesome!
Thank you Indiblogger!

Loads of Love
Ruhie Kumar


  1. Wow, this is amazing.
    You couldn't go for the past 2 years for the most obvious reasons, Work! Duh! You love it and everybody knows it. Now, don't you deny it.

    Hope you had a great time. Looking forward for the next post update.

    1. hahaha...I couldn't go b'coz everything is so far away in Mumbai!! :P Thnx a lot :) I did have an amazing time!