Perseid Meteor Shower & You!!

Hola Lovelies!! 

Hope you all are doing great. The google doodle just caught my eye! Did you cupcakes notice? It is the Perseid Meteor Shower!!! Sounds so much fun. I never knew about it. Well seems like , this astrological event happens every year. How could I miss such a beautiful event! One look into the google images and you will go around running to find a telescope!!

Unfortunately, I don't have one! But what I do have is the better skies of Bhopal, so much better for meteor shower viewing than the Mumbai skies!Well then again, it's quite cloudy around here with a weather prediction of slight showers,a disappointment!!

But that won't stop me from trying to get my eyes on these beauties. And well, I might have other motives as well! Like wishing on a meteor maybe. How I wish a meteor could change my life around. Because, seriously there is just so much I could change, at the moment. Anyways.this event happens every year almost to these dates, which are between 10-13 August, the max visibility said to be on the 12th night. 

Now, if you live in the northern hemisphere of  our sweet lil' Earth, and you happen to have clear skies to your advantage as well! Then DO NOT miss this grand opportunity!!
Scientists say if you try driving to the outskirts of your city, where there ain't much artificial lights to subdue the light from skies, you won't even need a telescope!You can catch this beautiful phenomena with your own naked eyes!! Sounds sweet to me.

So try peeking on to those pre-dawn skies, who knows you might spot a wish fulfilling meteor yourself!



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