Guest Post: Best Beauty Buys Under INR 500

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Hola lovelies!!!
Hope you all are doing great. I'm recuperating finally. Getting back to work is going to be so tough!! But the independent gurl-don't-have-no-other-option. Anyways, you know what made me happy??? It was the mail! I love it when my readers mail me their guest posts!! So here we have an amazing post "Best Beauty Buys Under INR 500" by Priya from Onlinopedia. Enjoyyy!!!

 Women and makeup go hand in hand. No matter what, there will be at least something that a woman will be wearing. It maybe a hot red lipstick with a high pony or just the kajal. Ever seen any lady without a vanity bag? Ever wondered what she would be carrying in it? Guess what, it would definitely have a few essentials - a lip gloss for that wet look, kajal for her smokey eyes and a sunscreen.

Here is our best beauty buys for under Rs 500/-  for all you pretty women out there! So pocket-friendly!!Seems like a dream huh? Pinch yourself hard. Here is your guide to gorgeous.

Those Angelina Jolie lips sure look good on her. Not that everybody can have her lips but we can definitely make them as beautiful.

Best Beauty Buys Under INR 500

1) Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Hooked on Pink: Rs. 299.
2) Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick Red Rose: Rs 245.
3) Attitude Lipstick Pearly Pink: Rs 220.
4) Faces Go Chic Lipstick Port Wine: Rs 199.
5) Simply Pretty Dew Kiss Sparkles Lip Tint by Avon: Rs 149.

For your eyes only! Ladies with kajal on! God! They look like angels! With the right price and the perfect eye makeup, you might even give the celebs a run for their money.

Best Beauty Buys Under INR 500

1) Maybelline Colossal Kajal: Rs 175.
2) Avon Simply Pretty Kajal: Rs 128.
3) Lakme Eyeconic Kajal: Rs 200.
4) Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Kajal: Rs 120.
5) Colorbar Kajal: Rs 180.

My body loves the lotion. After the rough wax, it feels good to be all drenched with those cottony soft body lotions. We often see Anushka Sharma on television being naughty with her partner in the Nivea ad. Well, we won't mind that either, would we? Here is the list of body lotions and body mists which are affordable and will make you irresistible.

1) Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion: Starts from Rs 95.
2) Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion: Starts from Rs 75.
3) Lotus Herbals Almond Nourishing Body Lotion: Rs 255 for 300 ml.
4) Nike Body Mists: Rs 175.
5) Eurolux Body Mists (Combo of 2) : Rs 450.

You went out, worked all day long but forgot to put on your sunscreen! Oh, that's too bad, as you have already invited the bad boy 'sun-tan'. But those crying days are gone, as we have a list of cheap and effective remedies for you.

1) Biotique Bio carrot (face and body lotion SPF 40 UVA/UVB) : Rs 199.
2) Lakme Sun Expert Fairness UV Lotion SPF 24/PA ++ : Rs 225.
3) Lotus Herbal Safe Cream PA ++ UVA & SPF 30 UVB: Rs 295.
4) Neutrogena-Oil free facial moisture with UVA/UVB Sun protection: Rs 349.
5) VLCC Hydrophobic (Sunblock lotion SPF 50) : Rs 350.

BB Creams
 We start with a moisturizer followed by a foundation, but how about a cream which will give you the benefit of both! Great, isn't it? Use it, make your skin tone look even and smooth. Here are a few names which will make others jealous!

Best Beauty Buys Under INR 500

Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream: Rs 199.
Ponds White Beauty BB Cream: Rs 125.
Garnier BB Cream: Rs 99.

Enjoy the products, save a few bucks and look gorgeous!!Happy Savings!!

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