Why I love Summers?

Hola Lovelies!!

Hope everyone is doing great!  Today I'm gonna share my favorite things about Summer.I am a summer girl, all the way!!! Might stem from the fact that I was born in the colorful spring-summer of April. Nevertheless, here goes the list!! I have done a similar post about Winter , if you are a winter lover, don't forget to read it here. ^_^

Stuff I love!!!

1. Swimming Pools!

Swimming is my first love!!! Love love love it!!! You have to know the ultimate joy of jumping into the pool on a summery day!! It's Heaven!!!For me, it's like being reborn again & so swimming tops the list ;)

2. Summer Mornings!

I don't know what it really is, but there is definitely something magical in summer mornings! I have spent the whole of my childhood enjoying summer mornings!! You have your summer vacations and there is no worry in the world!! But even now with a job, I feel summer mornings are incomparable. Nature casts a  magic everywhere on a summer morning, be it the birds singing, or the cool and amazing weather or the little lilies by the sidewalk, everything is so alive, so beautiful! 

3. Vacations!!

Some people might disagree with me on this one! But honestly, I have had the best holiday vacations in summer! Rains are so messy and winters are too damn cold!!! :P *my bias speaking* . Be it hill stations or sunny beaches, I find summers, the best for vacations!! :)

4. Icecreams!!!!

Yes I know, there are many who say they enjoy icecreams even in winters!! But I think icecreams taste best in Summers :P *again my bias speaking*. I remember having parties with my childhood friends, in days, where pocket money was so restricted and prized, our celebrations used to start at snacks , punched with cool Rasna's!!And the end note was best made with ice creams! :) Aaah, those were the best days of my life!!! :)

5. Summer Fashion!!!

While winters is for jackets and hoodies, for me, Summers have always been the best time to show off some really cool stuff!! No more worries about getting cold feet from wearing your favorite dress!! Summer Dresses, shorts, tank tops, skirts!! Oh yes, the best of the lot, bring it on!!! ;) 

Ok so that is my list!! Though it doesn't really end here! Open air tennis matches, skating, drinking your favorite punches and Rasna, road trips, going to beaches, superb fashion freedom, wild flowers by the sidewalk, your crush playing basketball in summer camps :P , cold watermelons, picnics, outdoor movies, stargazing on terrace, sleeping in tents, homemade popsicles, Holi *it's an indian festival, read about it here,*
..the list goes on and on!!!

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Hope great things happen to all my lovely readers this summer!!
Loads of Love

P.S.:  Except the last image, all the other images used for this post have been taken from google. I do not own them. All copyrights with their respective owners.Peace out.


  1. nice list. i love swimming pools and summer mornings as well.

  2. its cool yaa!!! yeah i agree icecreams are best in summer!!! :)

  3. lovely blog,
    wanna follow each other?
    let me know on www.bebagottel.blogspot.com

  4. I love swimming pools..Great post..

    my recent one :http://www.indianbeautyzone.com/2014/03/mua-bb-cream-reviewswatches-and-fotd.html

  5. vacation and swimming pool, can't do without them too :)
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !