Theories of Love & Life: Our Fate

Hola Lovelies,
How ya'all doing? Been a long long time since I last blogged! Finally things are starting to fall into place in the new city and I'm settling down, so hoping to get myself to blog more. So much to blog about, so much to share, my brains are bursting out with ideas and cool stuff I wanted to try and share! Some really cool product reviews are lined up, hoping to share it with ya'all in the coming days.But today I wished to share something really beautiful that I found!

Ok so a few days back we started pestering one of my friend's friend's mom who happens to be very good at astrology . Lovely soul as she is, she was very happy to answer all our questions.. What will happen of my life? How much money will I earn? Will I have to struggle a lot? What about studies? What about marriage? Love marriage or arranged marriage? ;) So many questions!!