Heart Speaks!

Hola Lovelies!

So just the other day, I was forced to rethink, to revise my life, my ideals!! I couldn't deny any of it, but looking back, No!!! I don't want to change anything! Not that I'm not open to good changes, but somehow all the bad experiences have shaped me in a more positive way than even the good experiences. Please read I'm not trying to invite more troubles into my life! I've seen all kinds of ups and downs at a very young age! And what have I learnt?

Creative Blogger Award

Hola Lovelies!!!

This is my second award after the Liebster Award!! Creative Blogger Award by Ajay again!! I'm really sorry Ajay, I know you gave me these awards with an interval of a month but I'm publishing them together! Sorry for the delay and redundancy! :P


Liebster Blogger Award

Hola Lovelies!!!

How ya'all doing? I have been missing my blog and all my fellow bloggers so much! I know I'm missing up on so many fun and exciting blog posts. Thanks to my super slow net connection! :P

But today is a good day!! I have a faster net connection and I'm definitely gonna make it count. These posts were pending from a very long time! I'm very happy to share with you all  that I got THREE awards in the past two months. Two blogger awards from my fellow blogger 'Ajay' and one award for my fashion post Top 5 Perfect Festive Looks for Shopper's Stop.  I love all of them and I'm so thankful for all the three of them!! :)

So Drum Rolls!! Here is my 1st award!



Liebster Award by Ajay from imagination19. He is a superb blogger, has an amazing way with words and is a great photographer. You should definitely check out his blog! :) Just Click Here.