Vans Fresh Off the Wall: A treat for music lovers

Hola lovelies,
Hope you all are doing great.This weekend for me started right on Thursday with Vans "Fresh Off The Wall" event. It was their first edition and was simply superb!It was held at Kino 108, a really cool place. You can check more about it on Zomato.

About Vans "Fresh Off The Wall"
‘Fresh Off The Wall’, is a brand new platform for supporting emerging bands and artists from the independent music scene in India.It is an initiative by Vans and ennui.BOMB.ennui.BOMB is an independent music label started in 2004 from Mumbai. The label works extensively with the Indian indie music scene as concert organizers (BOMB Thursdays, Control ALT Delete), artist managers (Blek, The Vinyl Records and more), music releases (Stupid Ditties compilations and more) and also provides music-led brand solutions.And of course we all know Vans.

About The Event
Ok so by the time we reached, one of the band Blek's performance was almost over. *Yeah Thank Mumbai traffic for that* . But we were there for their last song, and it was really good. Then came the second band LightYear's Explode. For me they just exploded the whole stage. 
One Word " Awesome"!!! The third performance was by Teddy Boy Kill and though I just love electronica, I couldn't really enjoy the music, because it was way too loud! Nonetheless, it ended on a happy note for me. After a very long time, I felt my musical urges satisfied!!!Sweet!!!They also gave away some really cool Vans merchandise like shades, tees, posters etc and 500 bucks coupon that we can cash in at any of the Vans Stores.*me happy* ;)

Check out some amazing pictures from the event.

The light and ambiance!! Mother Of God, was it awesome!!

Rishi Bradoo, on vocal and guitar @ Blek

Linford Owen, Drummer @ Blek

 Saurabh Roy (Lead Vocalist & Guitarist) @ The Lightyears Explode,hint of sassy with an overload of talent! 

Drummer @ The Lightyears Explode Aaron Carvalho. He is as cool as his name!!!

Shalom Benjamin on bass for The Lightyears Explode.

You can check out more about Blek, The Lightyears Explode and Teddy Boy Kill  herehere and here. You can keep a tab on some really great events on ennui.BOMB's facebook page here.
Looking forward to Fresh Off the Wall's next edition!Do comment if you were there or if  you are planning to be on their next one or if you are simply awesome!!

Keep Rocking!
Loads Of Love

Thanks Shiv for the pictures and the invite ;)


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